Monday, July 7, 2008

PM's Word of Wisdom... is it?


"There is no more regard for statements of truth in law. Little attention is given to (one's) demeanour in life. The sovereignty of the Rulers is turned into an issue," he said.

Abdullah said not all of the people believed in the negative perceptions but it was portrayed that more people had become trapped in that situation.

"Conduct attributed to the truth is not appreciated. What is appreciated is the perception, and along with it the lies.

"Perception negates the truth. The truth is no longer talked about. The important thing is the perception," he said.

Abdullah said perceptions had influenced the attitudes and options of some people in the making of decisions, including those related to investment and business.

He said this must be rectified but, unfortunately, it had become a subject which the people were most interested in, so much so that it had become word of mouth and they resorted to exaggeration.

"The people must be appeased so as not to have any fear of a possible shortage of food. They must be pacified so as not to have any worry over their own safety and that of their families," he said.

Our PM wants to be Socrates or Plato izit?

(from Mobscrib)

Now need to write Dear PM letter pulak.

Dear PM,

Before you lament about the current state of affairs as to why perception is preferred to conduct attributed to truth. Wait, before we proceed, how do you determine that the conduct attributed to truth to be true? While perception of lies to be lies?

People turn to their own instinct actually when it comes to accepting a perception. PM, IF... only IF, you have ensured the judiciary to be independent, the Police to be independent, the Media to be independent, the ACA to be independent. Then it will not lend much credence to a perception. Would it?

IF only you have ensured that PI Bala got the protection as accorded to Saiful, IF only you have not gone on hearsay to put HINDRAF 5 into Kamunting. IF only you have released them after there are no evidence linking them to terrorism. IF only you have ensured that indelible ink was used in the last GE and not retracted at the last minute due to some obscure reports of sabotage. I am sure, perception of your propagated lies will remain as LIES and your conduct of truth will remain as truth.

But alas, it was not to be. You have gone back on every word you have given. You have given the people many reasons to doubt your so called conduct of truth. Hence when the perception of lies can be validated by proof put forth while your conduct of truth remain just a verbal re-assertation, it becomes glaringly clear to many that the conduct of truth that you have been talking all these while has been your PERVERTED TRUTH that you believe in. Its no longer truth in the eyes of the people.

While your crusade against the perception of lies fell flat because of the victims have been able to provide proof to vindicate themselves off the truth you claimed them to be which was indeed nothing more but lies. This is what happens when truth are lies and lies are truth... people will begin to exercise their own judgement hence their perception. While you perceive it to be lies, we hold on to it as the truth till proven otherwise. What you deem as your conduct of truth, meanwhile has been disputed and smashed to smithereens with evidences put forth, thus you will need to build your credibility from scratch and nothing less than a genuine 100% effort to overhaul of the entire system is needed to bring back the credibility to your goodself. Nothing more than ensuring fairness in all decisions will it bring credibility back to your goodself. That reminds me... playing bully earns you 10 DISCREDIT POINTS. (eg. Reducing Federal Budget for Penang).

So dear PM, the decision is yours. Stop living in your cocoon. Come out into real world for once before you attempt another Socrates-sque statement.


cleffairy said...

He's a N.A.T.O. feller lah....all talk no action...sigh... tis is what we get when the PM is a sleepyhead...his decision making have the efficiency of a turtle. You know, i wathed the news last nite, and our dear pm said " I think the rakyat is sick of the politicking'

WTF, we're telling him all along that the whole Malaysia is sick of their politicking and feud, and is demanding for them to concentrate on the nation's issue, and he's telling people that 'he thinks people are sick of the politician's politicking'? WTF... what the hell is he doing all this while? In bed with Jean??? GRRRRR! he should do everything in his power to stop all the nonsense that's going on, not telling us what we already knew.

warrior2 said...

Some of us have this habit of accepting things face value, the gullibles, the naives, the herd mentality.

Then again, some of us use our mind, to check and verify, to have second even third opinion.

When the rakyat,ofcourse we have to thank the pakatan for playing things up, thinks that the judiciary is not fair, the police isnt too, the aca included, including them to not be independent, etcetc we must smack the rakyat`s head a bit so that they stop for a while and THINKS!

Is the police, judiciary, aca, media really isnt fair and independent? When were they not? Is it an isolated case or the norm?

Perception is dangerous. If one thinks that one race is superior, like the germans and japs once thought (and many still think they do - this is perception and it is dangerous), one deals with the german and the japs differently as one would have deal with other nationalities or nations as an eg.

My advice to people is, dont believe everything that you see and hear or read. Check and verify.

Sebab itu, we are always thought, when crossing the street, look left, look right, AND LOOK LEFT AGAIN!Funny thin being, if you dont beleive me, MANY now cross streets after looking one side only or not looking at all, AND SOME WHILST TALKING on the phone or texting.

Malaysian Joe said...

Yes Warrior, you are absolutely right. Accepting a statement as truth without verifying it is wrong.

Question now is how to verify?

Take Bala's case for eg.

Two pictures:

One: jovial, shaking of hands, fielding questions.

Two: look flustered, dirty and shaken. Yet tells of duress and retraction of what has been said in situation 1.

Denials: Najib, the beneficiary of the retraction says, "He doesnt know what happened."

What do people want to believe? Sometimes people are left with no avenues of information for them to make proper judgement. People will tend to look at situations in the past to judge what is happening today. Past events, hindraf 5, bersih clampdown etc.... people will be inclined to believe otherwise. Again it boils down to credibility... when you are a long time into a business, you gain reputation, you have credibility. If you are long time into the business but you have history of being a bad paymaster.. then you promise to pay on time... will people believe you? It takes a long time to change "perception".

This "perception" issue has been changed long time ago if you ask me since Ops Lallang in the 80s. It will take a lot of radical changes to "correct" the perception. Till they are willing to do it, the "perception" will be as what it is today. Dangerous? I hope everyone is responsible enough and love this country enough to manage it.

Pakatan may be trying too hard and make them look foolish and incapable at times. Does the present government hold better credibility? Change at times is good. Probably for the sake of my future generation, I want Malaysia to still be around and not languish in the pits of another Zimbabwe in 20-30 years time.

warrior2 said...

I will only deal with the Bala case for the moment.

Bala was happy when he made public SD1. He could have probably:
- thought he is making history and be part of the MOVEMENT to topple the govt
-received certain "incentives" from the pakatan

Bala was the opposite when he tabled SD2. He could have probably realised he made a huge blunder when he made SD1 including from the legal point of view as far as the ongoing court case as he has all oppurtunity to inform the court what he has alleged in SD 1 and he didnt!

Do we not think that Bala wouldnt know the possible repercussion of his SD1? Yet he went on with it and even TABLED it with the Pakatan flatform

So to me, for us to say that he was forced to retract his SD1, dosent hold water.

Look at the big picture.
Anwar was accused of sodomy, and he suddently REVEALED everything ie
- he was to announce he is going to contest in a byE
- he was going to announce that he had 4 MPs crossing over
- Musa and Gani Patail was involved in a cover up
-the SD1

Aint that funny? Nothing on his sodomy but everything about everybody else.

The court case of altantuya is ongoing. You have to give the court the benefit of the doubt that it is fair. If we dont do that, it means we no longer have faith in the court system and that being the case, we have no choice BUT to believe anything and everything that anybody says!


Malaysian Joe said...

We are in that system.. whether you like it or not.

Lets take Bala's case as you have argued. Lets say that you are right, he was not forced to retract SD1, he did it on his own volition. We are reading the MSM... look at the stark contrast of pictures. I would not even bring his brother and nephew into the picture.

All firmly sourced from the star. What would you perceive it to be? Maybe.. just maybe I am a skewed to the other side... my MIL... a lady that believes wholeheartedly in the government and MSM... I hardly talked to her about politics. My wife neither. At dinner time, she raised the issue... who are they trying to kid?

Altantunya's case is ongoing but the prosecution has closed their case. Hence the suppression of evidence was alleged by the SD. Its to throw caution that the case has not heard the full disclosure. They are trying to prove that someone is flexing their muscle somewhere to ensure that certain information will never see the light of day. I do not view this as wrong as it opens up the can of worms that many have suspected had and is happening in the judiciary these days.

We are not believing anything and everything that one says. One will look at the evidence/news available and make one's judgement or perception. You have probably made yours and I think you may be right. I have mine which I think is what probably is wrong. Maybe no two perceptions are alike but heck... back to the question, why are we not putting our freaking trust into the system? Why is it that the so called herd instinct of perception now plays such an important role?

You said;
Look at the big picture.
Anwar was accused of sodomy, and he suddently REVEALED everything ie
- he was to announce he is going to contest in a byE
- he was going to announce that he had 4 MPs crossing over
- Musa and Gani Patail was involved in a cover up
-the SD1

Yes, DSAI is guilty of deflecting issues as well. But back to the idea of perception.... do you think the majority of public believe that charge? It doesnt matter what the MSM says.. it doesnt matter what PM or DPM says... they have vested interest.. thats the perception. Now can anyone stand up and verify the allegations? He has actually spoken on it if you follow the news carefully. He did say he did go to the unit. He did say he hired that Saiful. He did say he was warned. But in the end he said no sodomy. Well, it may not be the truth but can someone now come up and back this Saiful fler up? What about his credibility? Uni dropout. trying to curry favour for scholarship to be a pilot? Dropout, pilot... selfish student leader... not really credible. Just for someone to dare put his life and said, Anwar sodomized me TOO!? Any takers? that will add more credibility to the sodomy story. Ten years only 2 person got sodomized? None in Sg Buluh while he was in jail? None in the ensuing year he was released.. but suddenly he has an urge to bang an arse before GE?

I think we must acknowledge that DSAI has many bullets in his armory to lambast the current G. He can use it at will or at times most opportune. He is not the type that would go on the defensive... he has been on the offensive and had UMNO backpedalling.. he cannot afford to let up and let one issue put him on the defensive. He has to fire more while at the same time raise his defenses. Nothing wrong with his strategy.

warrior2 said...

My principle is simple: we MUST judge everybody using the same standard/criteria. There shouldnt be two different standards for different people/personality/issue.

And if we really sit down and think about it (the sodomy), purely from how things developed so far, we tend to believe saiful more than anwar.

Malaysian Joe said...

I dont think I would believe Saiful more than Anwar at this juncture for the very reasons I put up above.

1. It was 10 years apart.
2. Why he did not sodomize anyone in Sg Buluh?
3. Why did he not sodomize anyone for the last few years he was free?

Why now? Because the pressure of GE is too great? Because Saiful's butt is too delicious to resist? I will judge everyone using the same criteria but it should not defy logic.

How can you take an issue and look at it in isolation? If you need to judge based on whatever standards you have, you need evidence. You want to allege you need proof. Proof can be tangible or witnesses. Show the proof... else allegations will remain allegations. I back it up in that sense I did not talk about RPK's SD because its mere allegations. Why I chose Bala's SD? Because he was a witness to the crime. I now question his credibility. As in Saiful and Anwar... its still allegation.

Similarly, Syed Hamid alleged Anwar to be a snitch. Its not wrong for Anwar to demand proof or take him to court. I prefer the later. It shows more conviction. Hence my stand is standard, RPK allegations... take him to court. Bala's SD, go to court. Why has Rosmah or Najib declined that so far? Anybody's guess.

cleffairy said...

LMAO, this is hilarious! *sigh* So many dramas going on. Honestly, i prefer to watch CSI, at least they provided answer in their drama.

WHERE IS BALA???? WTF, they guy has gone missing for a few days now, and no news. Him, his missus and kids all gone without a trail. Blardy hell...did they lerft the country? Why the hell the police is not checking with the airport immigration??? GRRZZZ