Monday, July 28, 2008

Jewel of RPK

RPK... one man that the government is trying hard to silence but is unable to. He has come up with many damning accusations on the administration, yet many of his detractors are saying that RPK is one man who has written too much fiction that he is now lost in between his truth and fiction.... hell yeah... he released something that maybe damned these people... he really showed them that RPK is still very much at it and there is no way that he could be silenced or discredited anytime soon.

Last week he again accused the government of fabricating evidence against Anwar. Many of his critics say that RPK is only hell bent on putting Anwar as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and all his accusations today are mere acts of desperation. Well, think again.

RPK released the medical report purportedly by one Dr. Mohd Osman from Hospital Pusrawi. Read it all Malaysia Today. Apparently the Doctor TRO (Totally Rule Out) Sodomy. But advise him to go to a government hospital and noted that the patient intended to make a police report. However, we really wonder what is the report from the government hospital?

Hats off to the Doctor for coming clean on the matter. I am sure RPK will not let go on this as I would like to see more evidence exposed by him. Honestly, I think he is a better journalist than any of our MSM reporters put together.

But the following para in RPK's article should cause much alarm..

The doctor’s report says it very clearly. Saiful was never sodomised, either by Anwar or anyone else. Why is the government still pursuing the case against Anwar? And why are they looking for the doctor who has now gone underground with his whole family?

Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent. The police have already detained the doctor for three days but he still refuses to doctor his medical report. Anwar did not sodomise Saiful and the doctor’s report says it very clearly. And the police also have a copy of this same report that I have published below so they know what I know. And now Malaysians also already know what I and the police know -- that Saiful was never sodomised by anyone.

Malaysiakini carry the report here

Mohamed Osman, according to his medical report which was recorded at 2.14pm, found "zero active bleeding", "zero ulcer or pus", "zero tear and scar" in Saiful's anus.

Looks like he got sodomized in a land far far away.... by his imaginary friend...

A check at the emergency unit where Mohamed Osman is attached revealed that he has taken leave since last week.....

It is learnt that the police have recorded statements from Mohamed Osman after Saiful lodged the report against Anwar.

The doctor was said to be under tremendous stress as a result of the police interrogation and was advised by the hospital to take leave.

Fishy..... smell something like our dear PI Bala? Only difference is he has not come up with another medical report and claim the first one made under DURESS! But I wonder DURESS by who?



Police comes out with guns blazing... denying that they have arrested Dr. Osman and claimed that the report put up by RPK and Malaysiakini was an attempt to sabotage their investigation. Joe thinks how can a medical report published sabotage their investigation?

Moreover, this is what Ezam has to say...

"The report is not verified yet. We also don't know if it is true."

Well... I wonder if he is talking about the authenticity of the report itself or the contents. The police in this case did not contest the authenticity of the report, and since it was by an MO, it must be TRUE to his professional opinion as it also recommends the patient to go to the General Hospital for another checkup if indeed he wants to lodge a police report. But Ezam needs to show loyalty... and loyalty calls for him to leave his brain cells at home.


cleffairy said...

Kevin... the whole Anwar-Saiful playing asss thingie is getting more and more scary. Our government seems to be an expert in planting the evidence and making the innocent look guilty.

Malaysian Joe said...

This is a sequel... to Who's lying II... LOL... the sad thing is this episode makes our govt... thus our country looked STUPID in the eyes of international community. that makes me feel ashamed.

cleffairy said...

LOL... our country no longer looks smart lah... tht is why they never bother to be discreet anymore.