Friday, July 18, 2008

Tajuddin oh Tajuddin....

Tell me you are saying all these to bring down BN's already fragile government....

Tajuddin: You shut up! You shut up! I have children studying in England, Ireland and Australia and they have no scholarships. But I want rural Malays and lower income groups - even in Sabah and Sarawak - to get scholarships, like what is said in the constitution!

Combination of unruly words.... boastful yet "righteous" down to "compassionate". This guy has it all... On an MPs pay which does not amount to much really... kids studying overseas.. hmmm..

In Pasir Salak, are there no Chinese and Indians?

Tajuddin: You think you are so smart? Penyokong Hindraf! Penyokong Hindraf! (Hindraf supporter! Hindraf supporter!) Anti-Malaysia.

Racist? I would not say its racist.... BLOODY RACIST more like it... another uncalled for remark.. will do nothing to help his popularity...

Tajuddin defends remarks

Met later outside the House, Tajuddin defended his verbal assaults on Kulasegaran.

"I'm not racist. I've stated it before, if you want to help the non-Malay students, especially those who are doing well in their studies, by all means do it. But why not do it in such a way that is not at the expense of bumiputera students because if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity," he said.

Why then if he is not racist, he categorize "But I want rural Malays and lower income groups - even in Sabah and Sarawak - to get scholarships, like what is said in the constitution!"

Bumiputras = Malays? ONLY? Righteous? Racist?

Tajuddin, simple, the cake is only that big.... you can take it all for yourself and leave nothing for others... how would you then expect others to help develop this country? I would also want to know how can national integration and unity fail if 100% of the scholarships are not given to Malays?

Are you meaning to say that if Malays are not given the scholarships they cannot integrate into the society? What utter bollocks!


Anonymous said...

If there's a group of people who have rights to call themselves bumiputras, i'd say, they are the 'orang asli', the pribumis, not Malay, Chinese or Indians. just look at our history. We're all pendatang except orang asli.

Frankly, I would prefer scholarship to be given to all, regardless of race on on their merit and achievements.

What the hell is wrong with all these people? they keep bringing up races and stuff. Have they nothing better to do? have they not realize that by bringing this sort of 'race' matter and 'uneven distribution' of scholarship is the kind of thing that would undermine nation unity.

I know of a chinese guy who gets straight As in his SPM and applied for scholarship countless times from the government to study and get nothing. He comes from a poor family at that. i really do not see why the government needs to see skin colour to help our students? it's not a wonder when people keep have strong race sentiments when the government continue to keep their nonsense up!

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef, let me tell you my story... I come from a "selected" rural school.. well urban but from a smaller town. My form 5 class has 45 students. The whole of form 5 science in my school has some 120 students. We have 28 Chinese, 16 Indians. 2 Sabahans, some 80 Malays.

Back then 9A1 throughout the country can be counted with both hands. My classmate is one of them. Well, many others got anything from 5As to 8As.. extra-curricular par excellence... none of us got into UTM or got to do Matriculation nor govt scholarships. My 9A1 friend fortunately got into ASEAN scholarship and got into Spore. He is there till today working and living. The rest of us, unfortunately find ourselves in Form 6.

Lets talk about my class alone. 25 Malays. ALL got into Uni or ITM (Back in those days) and overseas. Majority second and third graders and borderline first grade (a handful).

No scholarships... we work our butt off in form 6 and yet with decent results many were forced to take up their third, fourth or even fifth choice. Some whose parents can afford send their kids to colleges while many potential ones have to just seek employment after form 6. For the record none of my Malay friends followed us to Form 6. You can call a 6A student inferior but 9A1? Who was even named in the newspaper as a top achiever - inferior?

Nazri as I had said once is not all that bad, sometimes he say things that makes sense but sometimes.... anw.. he is a politician.

Anonymous said...

Nazri... he sometimes is a no-sense guy lah. He's never my favourite. Chauvinist racist S.O.B!

You kno, your time and mine, there's not much difference... some certain things, eg, scholarship distributions are still like your time.