Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Then and Now

1969 was a black spot in our history. Many stories were told about the origin of the riot. Some pointed it to then Selangor MB, Harun Idris. While the "accepted" version did not implicate Harun as the instigator, nevertheless, today the former MB of Selangor Khir "Perasan Hensum" Toyo tried to stoke more racial based statements... HERE.


He said Umno and PAS could form a synthesis in championing Malay interests in the state which fell into opposition control.

"Unfortunately the influence of Anwar in PAS through the party's secretary-general Kamaruddin Jaafar blocked the initiative."

"As long as Anwar is important in Pakatan Rakyat the muzakarah will not succeed. Anwar does not want to see Malays unite and that is why he formed Pakatan that thrives on the ideals of equality to the extent of elevating other religions on the same par as the primary religion in this country, Islam," he added.

Seditious? In the first place.. Toyo, are you a pure bred Malay? So, anyone who does not think PAS and UMNO should work together are traitors? Does UMNO has the God given rights to be the sole champion of Malays?

Khir said this was proven by the fact that Anwar was being supported by 'extremist' Chinese and Indians via opposition party DAP and the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

Just because UMNO wants to work with PAS, PAS is no longer extremist. But, Chinese and Indians who do not support MCA, or MIC are considered extremist. Gosh... where did he put his brain!?

"We must first get rid of the politics of hate, slander and revenge among the Malays. It must begin with the younger generation understanding that a Malay majority is only meaningful if it is used to better the Malays.

Such perversion... no wonder Malaysia under BN all these while cannot progress... your idea is that you need 100% YES MEN only can you progress. Wonder where he learn it from? Only a Malay majority can it be used to better the Malays... Dei! You had 50 years of 2/3.... what happened? Years of NEP.... meaningful? Fruitful? Success? Failure? 50 years!! Well, you do decide.


Michelle said...

Is he serious? What in the world does he mean by "elevating other religions on the same par" as Islam?

Flat out discrimination.

OK, I'll have to stop commenting. Don't like writing when I'm THIS angry. And my blood is boiling already.

Malaysian Joe said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes I wonder if this nincompoop is even worth commenting.

But I believe he meant putting other religion on par with Islam would cause mass exodus hence it cannot be tolerated..... hahaha... Mich, cool down.

Anonymous said...

50 years has pass, and there's still one thing that never change- race and religion sentiments. Damn, I feel like swearing.

Malaysian Joe said...

Wrong Cleffy.... 50 years has passed and we are more divided than ever. And Toyo really lived up to his name.. the mischievious devil.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I believe that is 'toyol'. Yups, i agree with you that we are more divided than before. Well, at least the extremist are.

If you must know, that toyol lived in luxury. His meals are never short of 5 dishes at one sitting, and had the cheek to hire a very expensive chef to cater to him and his wife. Wtf, he hire a caterer every damn day and his wife do wud? Goyang kaki! Oh, wait, his wife gelap Balqis money. Sorry, forgotten bout that!

PS: He looks so 'shiny' and young now in comparison of 5 years ago. Plastic surgery at citizen's expanse? Botox?

Malaysian Joe said...

Toyol has an obsession to look young and hensum (but, I really wonder if people think he is?).... if its not botox... I wonder what else.