Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunday Slumber... or Explosion?

(from Mobscrib)

I do not understand what PROTES is for.

Firstly you want to protest against the unjust fuel increases and hardships. Yet you have a day long "carnival" urging people to travel to participate. The "protest" was more of a fund raising campaign and selling of party paraphernalia... if you ask me. And why do we need a "rock concert"? We are there to send a message to the government! Not some kind of weekend day's off!

Pakatan, I still believe you guys can do a better job than BN. We need a viable government to manage the country... not an alternative government to organize rock concerts!

For all your endeavour in calling for fuel price reduction, you have not tabled an alternative measure to manage subsidies nor curbing the abuse of low fuel prices by foreign cars. You have not addressed the issue of smuggling of subsidized fuel. Although you propagate the use of Petronas's funds for the subsidies, you have not cast a sight into the future when oil runs out! You have not tabled a proper vision as to how you are going to manage the country!

So far, all I hear from Pakatan is, lower fuel prices, enticing frogs to jump and causing chaos in an already fragile political situation in the country. Maybe they are preying on the fragility. But, prey you must.. make it SHORT and DECISIVE please!

So, Pakatan, Sept 16 now looks pretty elusive.... what happens if Sept 16 came and went without much fanfare... what then will people think of Pakatan? Do it ... Just Do it... Malaysians have been let down for 50 years... so what the heck...


Anonymous said...

I did not go to the protest, coz i figure, that the government will pretend dumb and wun listen to what we're shouting about anyway...all this while, did they budge from their decision on the fuel price? No,right? So, any sort of demonstration simply wun do it.

To me, the pakatan is quite persuasive but I'm quite skeptical on how are they planning to handle other issues involving the fuel- fuel smuggling, fuel reserve, fuel selling to foreign cars, etc. Let's say the did reduce the price...and that's at the expanse of what? Cost cutting in other areas? Cut budget on education, infrastructure, etc? Cuz from what I see,the global price is damn high, and sooner or later we'll need to raise it gradually. I wonder how they plan to cope with the global price.

I think the right way to raise the fuel price is to do it gradually, and making sure the economy is more than stable before they do that. And before that, they must ensure that there are alot of various job/business opportunities so that the citizens can generate revenue, this way, they wun feel the pinch that much. Apart from that, the transport facilities must be efficient and have easy access too. Alot of things are easier said than done. i wonder how they are planning to handle all these.

Malaysian Joe said...

exactly. My sentiments however contained in last month's posting on "Can PR Do it better"

I really do not mind them raising it to market price once and for all. ONE TIME pain. Let market dictate the price. After all, subsidies have benefitted the cronies more than anything else.

What they need to ensure.. to kick start the entire process. Improve public transportation. Put in place a free market mechanism for public transportation. Expand LRT lines. Have more universities... employ good lecturers. Stop sending those monkeys overseas. More uni means more places for Malaysians. Every qualified Malaysian has a place in uni and accepted into courses based on merit.

Improve healthcare. Make it a viable alternative. Even to the extent of having health insurance compulsory.

These would ensure that you save on saving for further studies. If you still want to send them then you save for that otherwise, locally you have a viable quality option. Similarly, healthcare. that would free up much needed savings into disposable income to cater for the cost increases.

Next, sell off Proton and remove NEP. Ability to bring in huge corporates to HQ in KL would mean more jobs. Selling off Proton will make automotive industry lucrative for players to set up shops here. After all, Malaysia is the largest automotive market in SEA. That means jobs not only automotive but their ancillary support industry. Its JOBS! With that you remove AP permanently.

Next remove the monopoly on TNB. Allow ppl to employ their own green energy initiatives. Why must we take power only from TNB? When they are still on coal and gas? We can be at the forefront of clean energy initiative instead of lacking in it. BP although is a petroleum company is the world's largest photovoltaic cell RND outfit... why is Petronas lagging behind?

The reason by BN to still maintain subsidy mentality is to ensure cronies have a thumb in the money... nothing more. NEP? Is BN's way of remaining relevant to the Malays, but many failed to see that it is only relevant to their cronies.

Use Petronas's funds to kickstart all that.. that is why I never support keeping the subsidies. The govt got it right but they did not put in place the correct mechanism to ensure that it is sustainable.

Removing subsidies meaning you save probably some 50bil. How many universities can you build with it? How many hospitals? How many LRT lines? Can we have with that? 5 years we will be able to channel 250bil into these infrastructure... why have subsidies where foreigners benefit from it? Why have subsidies when only the cronies have a finger in that pie?

arrrhhhgghh... I am angry.

warrior2 said...

The Protes "gathering" was a joke if you ask me.

It was more like a SURE HEBOH carnival of tv3.

They invited a rock band, (PAS was one of the mian organiser), who for some reason best known to the singer, DECIDED to pull his pants down and showed his butts.

NOW WHAT DOES THAT ACT tells us all?

That he thinks anwar is a butts fan?
That it is ok to BUTT around? hehe

Hmm, that was a joke but seriously, how can i take pakatan seriously when they OFFERED nothing concrete and they messed what little things they tried to do!