Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poor Innocent Rosmah... gee.. is she?

Wow.... by any standard, her reply is oh so late! What happened to the time when anything said in slander there will be police report la... charge in court la... damages awarded by millions of ringgit la....

No such thing in this episode... Najib says, "Its all LIES!" Pa La La says, "Its not TRUE." Rosmah says, "I am Innocent." Wow! trying the soft appeal.. a maiden in distress....

My... RPK is Malaysia's version of Dan Brown, writing half truths fused with fiction where he is sooo good at it, you would not know when the truth ends and fiction takes over. But, he seems to have taken this on a personal level and raised the bar. No amount of denial can placate the people. We do not want a possible MURDERER leading the country. Its time the police do some serious investigation and earn themselves "some measure" of credibility. Its not difficult really if the Police are independent and do not take orders nor favours from the government.

By the way, the title is rather misleading, Rosmah is NOT poor... and by looks of it.. neither is she innocent. She has to do what she needs to do.. "To ensure her "beloved" husband become the PM of Malaysia." At the present moment, not many Malaysians are in favour of that.


warrior2 said...

I tend to look at Petra as one who craze for attention, no matter what. Frankly i have no respect for him because the way he does thing is unthinkable at best.

Remember his short time in jail incident recently for example? He created his own problem and ask for donation to get out. If he is man of principle, hey dont let anyone post bail let alone collect donation. This idea of making one`s own problem and get others to help/bail you out is ricdiculous. This recent incident of his SD is going to be another oppurtunity for him to be in the lock up and be bailed out by rakyat`s money.

He is basing his SD on some "reliable" source. How reliable we dont know. When did he got the info? The court case is ongoing. What does that (SD) do to the Court case? But he must know he will have to reveal his source. He will refuse and he will be jailed etcetc.

Oh my

My first visit to your blog MALJOE. Will try to see what is your concept and direction and principle etcetc

Anonymous said...

Haihh... these days, Malaysia politics really like Bollywood drama...so hard to keep up with the nonsense going on. Besides confusing the rakyat wif their 'dance' and 'music' and tremendously long plot...they're doing nothing else. NATO... all also NATO members... NO Action, Talk Only! This is probably what happened:

Najib: Mah, Mah, ini ape nih? Apasal u pegi tengok mase diorang bom budak mongolia tu?

Rosmah:Takde lah, darling, i tak gi tengok pun...

Najib: Abih tu, apsal RPK cakap u pegi?

Rosmah: Betul, i tak pegi! Suumpah. Buat ape i pegi tengok? i gi shopping kat alamanda lagi best!

Najib: betul u tak gi tengok? Kolo maciam tu, i gitau kat dollah tolong settlekan...okay? Tapi kite kena diam diam, apa press tanye, kita buat bodo, manalah tau u ada pegi tengok, tapi u lupa lak...u ni selalu lupa.

On Raja Petra...I do not know what is his intention by doing all this, but regardless of the 'fiction'as you put it, the police should really do something about this. If really Najib is behind all this bombing conspiracy, he really ought to be put behind bars. i shudder to think of having a cold blood murderer as a PM.

Malaysian Joe said...

Thanks Monster for visiting.

My allegiance is to none, but will look skewed towards the opposition as I am sick and tired of the current administration that has been sodomising us for the last 50 years. Victim of the system, I only wish that I can be part of the change so that my kids can have their place under the sun in this country.

I love my country but I cannot just stand idly by to let some idiots screw the riches of the country for their own benefit. I believe that corruption exist but it has to be a level that can be tolerated.

I am no ardent fan of the old man, nor Najib. I have a soft spot for our PM but his lacklustre performance means he is not up to it to institute changes that he espouse. Coupled with his maniac SIL, he loses big time in terms of my endorsement.

RPK, this is one character many people would like to debate. Like him, loathe him... not many have that kind of guts. I think he did not start the bail RPK out campaign, it was done by some other online bloggers. He accept the posting of bail as his safety in jail cannot be guaranteed.. (well so say my friends who seem to be more in the know than I am).

Guan Eng although scored highly in my books seem to be bogged down by many things... some of his own doing but either way he is still running Penang better than BN.

For me its like, we have given BN 50 years.... Pakatan has only been in power in the few states for like 100+ days... I think I can give them 5 years to make some difference. Before the 12th GE, I really see gloom for my kids here in Malaysia, from what happens in school to what is being said by the govt in MSM... I do not see things as being better today.. but certainly I do see some efforts in removing the enertia.

Clef, RPK... I still respect his guts. For a man who has gone to Kamunting and back....

Malaysian Joe said...

Monster.. add to what I want to say about RPK. His SD is a teaser, he is inviting another lawsuit.. ever ask the question why Najib/Rosmah has turned down the invite to sue RPK each time??? Baffling? That goes the same to Tian Chua, the superimposed pic of Najib.. again he just denied but took no action.. does that mean that there is such a pic somewhere out there?

Do they fear that this guy actually knows something? has something? Najib is probably hoping that he becomes PM fast so that all these can be buried once and for all.. as long as he remain DPM, he will have his balls held by someone else.

What Najib has done shows that he indeed has something to fear. And that lends credibility to RPK to be speculating something right. Remember he challenged MatMat Taib to a debate at PWTC? Who chickened out?

Why cant they nail this bugger by the name of RPK? Is it because RPK is smarter than all of them combined? Or is it that they fear RPK holds some bullets...?

warrior2 said...

I think it is more of the fact that our rakyat thinks if the govt or govt personalities do soemthing to these Oppsoition members or bloggers, the rakyat thinks that these people are being prosecuted unfairly. It is difficult to win the confidence of the rakyat and do the right thing if the rakyat has apreconceive opinion that the govt/govt personlaities is always wrong and out to prosecute others

What ever happen to fairness and justice to be heard and exhausted?

Malaysian Joe said...

one of my replies in a later post talked about this preconceive notion. Its the Govt own doing... you reap what you sow.

Joe public will never believe the system will be fair to them.. period. Look at the number of cases during the old man's time when millions was granted for slander.

Anwar, whether he poke or not is secondary.. his case was handled in a tasteless manner, so was the sacking of Abbas and co... the slip shod investigation work on so many high profile cases, Norita, Altantunya to cite a few.. the handling of Article 11, BERSIH and Hindraf

How can we believe that we are protected by law? How can our rights as enshrined in the constitution be violated?

Back to your question. Whatever happen to fairness and justice? Answer: Ask BN.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, you're probably right...there's something 'keikanan' behind their reluctance to sue RPK. Najib nids to be PM asap if he wanna bury his stuff..he can't do that if his boss is threatening to stab his crotch out and make some exotic dish out of it, can he? LOL