Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar Out on Police Bail

The sane thing to do... moreover I think its the best thing to do.... wont be good having Anwar and RPK in there.... more to follow as Anwar is due to have a PC @ 2pm later today.

Anwar out on Police bail
Anwar Stripped
Anwar recounts detention
Anwar's Press Statement
Botak Says: Police Chose Best Option

I would not want to speculate what is their worst.....


warrior2 said...

You said "The sane thing to do", I say "Do the RIGHT thing".If releasing anwar is the right thing to do, than that shold be done.

Before you get back to me, let me remind you that it is just my stand/view

Anonymous said...

The right thing to do for me is microwave some popcorn with lotsa butter and honey, and enjoy the dramas.