Monday, July 21, 2008

Bar from Probe?

Police chief and the attorney-general will be excluded from an investigation against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim who has been accused of sodomy, the prime minister said.

Full Joose... HERE.

Not participating does not mean they cannot exert influence.. right? Since they are still the top dogs in their respective jurisdiction? Who is Abdullah trying to fool?

Certainly Sivarasa only state the obvious...

"This shows some acceptance of the controversial role that they have played in the past, in the 1998 case," said Anwar's lawyer and PKR vice-president Sivarasah Rasaiah.

"However that does not still address our concerns because it does not take much imagination to see how both the police chief and the AG could still direct operations even while not being involved," he told AFP.


warrior2 said...

Life is difficult for the govt yes?

To exclude them pun orang tak nak percaya, to let them be pun orang question.

To exclude them means the govt wants to avoid accusation that the investigation/decision is not fair or tainted which is a fair decision to make. That will mean, if i udnerstood it, the top 2 will not be involved in whatever. WELL if people is not going to give them the benefit of the doubt, what can ANYBODY DO?

Sivarasa statement in saying that it is a recognisant that there was some acceptance ... IS not correct. Like I said, they wanted to remove any suspision or doubts from the investigation, NOT a recognisiton/admission of fault.

If some people are so clever, tell us what should be done?

Anonymous said...

People do not trust the way of laws in Malaysia is because they lack credibility. Since when the laws in Malaysia are trustworthy anyway? If i were to believe whatever they say and 'telan bulat bulat' that would have meant I was born yesterday.

Laws and justice are man made. And man made stuff like these, will surely give benefit to the ones who have power over law and justice.

Actually, there's nothing can be done. Unless I'm an Empress or something, that is. I'd exile all of these people into the same small island for creating havoc and uncertainty in my country. Anwar, Pah Lah, Najib, all thrown into one small island. Nah, padan muka, ask them to fight puas puas!

Malaysian Joe said...

Survivor series? Eh? "D Backside and Mongol Conspiracy?"

Anonymous said...

Haha... no lah. New reality show. It's called 'Main puas puas!'