Friday, July 11, 2008

I need a Pigging Break

I really wonder if working 5.5 day week is ancient? Think again... yours sincerely here is still working on alternate Saturdays. I really need those pigging hours now that I wake up before sunrise and do not go home way after the sun has gone to sleep.

The need to make sufficient to see our kids and parents have a decent life is eating us up. This morning's chat with my "friendly" mamak stall is still... well, "friendly."

How much do we pay for a plate of plain rice now? It used to be RM1/plate. Two weeks ago it was RM1.30/plate. I was told it has gone up to RM1.50/plate now. All these while I thought these flers are using the 15% broken composition where the price is fixed at RM16++/kilo.... why the increase? My teh tarik has gone up 20sen... my nasi lemak has gone up by 20sen to RM1/=. My telur mata kerbau has gone up to 80sen each!

That aside, broth with some chicken in it is RM3.50 for a miserable bowl! Makes Bubur Mc.D to be quite value for money if you take the ambiance into consideration! A night's out at hawker centre can cost a family of 4 some RM40/-. While a dinner at a cookout restaurant goes for slightly above RM50/- sans drinks. Which I told my kids, we save on drinks we can eat better stuff.

Last night, took my MIL out for her birthday dinner... cost me RM141.00! But it was a meal worthwhile for 4 adults and 2 kids. I noted that they did not charge the 10% and 5%. Co-incidentally when I reached home, TV was showing news that eateries with turnover below RM3 million would not be entitled to charge the 5% Service Tax now! YIPPPEEE!!! But sheeesh.. they did not say when? They only mentioned that those eateries must now "APPLY" to have it exempted! So? Do we now boycott eateries that charge 5% Service tax?

Prior to all these increases, I really do not mind paying the 10% and 5%, but it becomes significant when your meals are going by hundreds.... so I guess in a little way, we save by eating at small eateries that do not charge 5%. So, next time when you pay your dinner bill, please check for the 5% and demand to see the letter that they are entitled to charge the 5%! If all of us do, I think Shahrir's ministry will be inundated by complaints... haha

For all my industry, I think I will take this weekend to be my pigging break. Gonna sleep in late! Laze the entire Saturday... visit the park for some exercise and do a round of detox.... sigh... drinking olive oil is YUCKY!


Anonymous said...

LOL... Kevin...I'm sick of my own cooking la...but like you, I can't afford to eat out much. These days... I've been reduced to bringing 'bento' to office.(bekallah, lunchbox, aiseh, i would like to sound classy!)

Everyday almost same thing, fried rice, fried rice, fried rice- as they are leftover rice from previous night dinner.

I cook my own dinner everyday, much to amusement of those pasar aunty at wetmarket i'm keen to visit for my food these days. but what to do, with prices has gone disgustingly high, i find cooking now is more satisfactory than eating outside, though i had to reduce my lauk to only one dish!

Sigh. At least at your place your nasi lemak is RM1, here at mine, a plain nasi lemak with a measly stuff they dare to call sliced telur rebus, is Rm1.20. *sob*

warrior2 said...

My advice to the 2 of you, makan lah sebelum anda berdua di makan oleh cacing!

I know things are not so rosy nowaday, everything is pointing up to the sky but hey, you derserve the best. Just look at those things that you can really cut off totally or reduce and treat yourself what you really need and deserve.

Malaysian Joe said...

Warrior, my principal in life. Live to eat. I think I can safely say my worst is behind me already. Though I may not know the future I believe I have planned well enough to know my future wont be as bad as my past.

Anonymous said...

Wud else can cut arh? I also want to know. I don't go vacation, i go back hometown only once a year, same goes to shopping, only restricted to buying groceries, den summore clothes also buy for the sake of festival nonid to say, the last time i visited a salon to cut my hair was 2 years ago.... really dunno what else to cut oredi. Weekend nonid to say lah, i dun go out for movies like kids my age does( i believe the last movie i watched in a cinema was in 1992, Jurassic Park, with my father)... i got stuck at home sleeping more than 10hrs during weekends.... gosh! if really there's something i can cut off my spending, i would like to know.

Maybe i should reduced my bath? Or brushing teeth? LMAO.

you know, it irks me to see youth these days simply ask their parents to buy them a car when i work my butt off to fork out RM5k for a second hand car and nv asked a single cent from my family to help pay for my car. GRRRRZZZZ. SOME PEOPLE ARE REALLY SPOIL ROTTEN.

Cleffairy: I'm already doing two jobs at the same time... maybe it's time to take up a third? neh...i'll be flat on my back once the day is over!

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleff, u still have your "breadwinner" wut... you dont need to "struggle" so hard right?