Thursday, July 3, 2008

All things Rosmah...

Rosmah said, "I am Innocent!"

Rosmah said, "I am not a politician and I am not running for any post. I am just a wife of a politician."

Then Rosmah said, "I do not want to address unnecessary issues. I have many other bigger things to attend to for the people and the nation," she said after launching a conference on children's book publishing at the Putra World Trade Centre.

The last statement got me flabbergasted....

A serious allegation that you are a murderer in a sworn Statutory Declaration is an unnecessary issue? So, a document filed in court is not an issue? Its not important? She then said she had many other BIGGER things to attend to for the people and the nation... hmmm.. cutting ribbon and earn appearance fee is more important? But before that she said, I am just a wife of a politician! So, she is indeed just a housewife!

What is more important? The people wanted to know the truth! And someone says you are a murderer!

My.. my... If I am not the murderer nor have anything to do with it, I will come out with my guns blazing and make sure I send this pest of a man called RPK into a prison for the rest of his life for being an irritant in my life.

Instead, cutting ribbons and officiating events seem to be more rewarding hence is more "important"?

I rest my case.

And as promised, the article that speaks about one's butthole that got ravaged... but certainly unless one find the semen of the other, it cannot be conclusively proven.. can it?

According to deputy inspector-general of police Ismail Omar, who have already received the Hospital Kuala Lumpur medical report on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and considered it a case of sodomy.

The report further cited that sources within the hospital revealed that Saiful was brought to the hospital last Saturday complaining of constipation.

But further checks revealed that there were signs of anal sex, and upon questioning Saiful, doctors learnt he had been sodomised.

We must ask HKL, how many doctors need to scrutinize one's butthole to determine whether it has been sodomized or not? DOCTORS!!! One to take off his pants, one to bend him down, one to spread his butt, one to hold the torchlight, one to peer into his butthole and one to write the report? TNB style?


cleffairy said...

Eii, Kevin.. HKL did not issue any statement on Saiful's asshole la... refer to The Star page N8... the hospital denies releasing statements on the feller's asshole! What the hell is going are contradicting each other!

On Rosmah. In my opinion... if she's just a wife of a politician, she should be just like the late Endon, going around shopping and get involved in god knows what kind of fashion campaign. Being a politician wife with hidden agenda, is another case. I see her as a Hillary Clinton wannabe... especially when she said "I have many other bigger things to attend to for the people and the nation". Only politicians says these kind of things,no?

Kevin, my father work with TNB as an engineer. i shudder to think that they are checking someone's butt using TNB style.

Malaysian Joe said...

eeeeeeee.... sowie I use TNB as a mode of explanation.. LOL... I normally see many TNB staff required to change a bulb... hehe.. what an analogy..