Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where one's source of Information?

Syed Hamid Albar, the MAN. He made Malaysia looked stupid on Hardtalk... he called Anwar a snitch without proof... and for the last few days, he almost made Kuala Lumpur looked like in a state of Emergency.

Police roadblocks everywhere leading to the city and he has Parliament House barricaded and off limits because he has information based on TWO blogs, TWO sms'es and TWO political speeches, that there will be a demonstration at Parliament House on Monday when the opposition are to debate on a vote of no confidence on PM.

He is the man with the same government that:

1. Put HINDRAF 5 into Kamunting purportedly having reliable information that linked them to LTTE, Tamil Elam Tigers in Sri Lanka.
2. That banned indelible ink at the last moment because the have reliable information that some ink has been smuggled in from Thailand by the opposition.
3. He is also THE MAN for calling Anwar a snitch but not providing "proof" to back up what he says.

Hello Botak, if there will be a demonstation, most SO-PO blogs would have written about it urging people to come in droves. It will not only be promoted by only TWO blogs. There will be millions of SMS'es sent to solicit support... not TWO sms'es. There will be MANY speeches to galvanize people to attend such an event.. not just TWO speeches. DUNGU!

Since you believe your sources so much, please enlighten us of your information. Do not give us a blog that nobody has heard of before. Do not give us obscure blogs that has a paltry number of visitors (like mine). My Blog certainly does not need credibility because I do not broadcast "Breaking News" merely political commentary and for "syiok sendiri" purposes. Give us something tangible! Also not forgetting give us information linking Anwar as a snitch! I would want to know as I do not want a "spy" to be our Prime Minister. If you can't then you have no CREDIBILITY to talk about giving proof as you have given NONE.

So before you talk further Syed Hamid... walk your talk first.


Syed Hamid named 2 blogs as his reference to warrant the roadblocks:


www.zul4kulim.blogspot.com/ 352k visitors since Feb 2008 (PKR's Kulim Bandar Bahru MP)
http://www.1426.blogspot.com/ 343k visitors since Feb 2005 (someone in Dubai)


cleffairy said...

The botak is making us waste petrol, u see.... argh! But i think they are instilling fear in the citizens by doing all these roadblock and making it looks like we're in a terrorist country.... ahh... this is what we learn when we take in so many people from the middle east... even the Brits are labeling us as terrorist country now.

Malaysian Joe said...

We have to thank the old man for this botak. Mr. Sleepy is still keeping all the "expired" goods.

cleffairy said...

Sigh.. the ones who can do work, he dowanna keep, all he wanna kik! those tht talk like a slaughtered parrot, all he keep! Really do work while dreaming!

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef, I have reached a point whereby every face put forth by the government makes me view them with disdain. The things that they croak makes the situation worse.

I would make some exceptions though. Ong Tee Keat, Zaid Ibrahim, Wee Ka Siong and to a certain extent Sharir Samad and Liow Tiong Lai gives you a sense that not all in there today are mad.

warrior2 said...

Ahh , even these "sources" (although I dont know where you get the info on there were only 2 sms from ) are not adequate or good enough to get the police to act! I see!

Malaysian Joe said...

I think some investigation into the "credibility" or authenticity of the sources should be in place.

Dont you question their ability after a few gaffs? Its okay to be doing slip shod detective work? If any has been done?

warrior2 said...

did you go and visit the mp of kulim blog for example to see whether he did or didnt ask everybody to go? Not good enough a blogger?

Malaysian Joe said...

Din you read my other comment somewhere? That I acknowledge it? I forgot... this guy is a maths grad...

warrior2 said...

Reading and maths are two different things my dear! Anyway, are you expecting me to know everywhere/posts that you go to post comments?

Read back your article on this, you wrote and asked that " dont give us blogs that are obscure and have few visitors". So I asked whether the Kulim blog isnt good enough (too obscure) or too few visitors? Not good enough?

Comperehension problem again.