Monday, July 14, 2008

Roadblock to Democracy

While Government will consider these roadblocks that infuriated rush hour go-ers on Monday morning as a necessity to quell "potential" disorder, their decision to arrest Anwar if he is within 5 kilometers from Parliament is another decision that baffles me. Why?? Why must you do that? Are you so fearful of Anwar? It is like by having him in Parliament would give the opposition powers like Peter Petrelli that they can sponge on Anwar's charisma.

Infuriating KL-lites after they voted you, BN out of Kuala Lumpur by imposing high parking fees and demolishing the hawkers suspected of supporting the opposition? Now, you are taking the chance to further anger city folks? With fuel prices sky high... we do not need people to impede our route to work which will cause higher fuel consumption! Idiots!

BN was voted out last time round for causing such discomfort during BERSIH and Hindraf rallies. Isnt that enough proof BN? Abdullah? Why insist on doing something bordering lunacy? Are you trying to ruin the country with all these scare tactics? I may be disenchanted with you... please do not make all of us pissed at you.....

Lunchtime, heard some more grovelling from my colleagues and friends who has no choice but to commute to work in the heart of KL daily. One of my colleague from Subang Jaya complained that it took him almost 2 hours to get to office today... most of my colleagues were horrendously late today and to my surprise not many of them knew the reason for the police road blocks! Damn.. talking about apathy and ignorance! The icing of the cake is one of my best buddy, staying in Klang and working in KL... took him 3.5 hours. He... was beyond grumbling...


cleffairy said...

Whahaha... finally managed to connect! WIFI in Malacca shucks! I'm definitely not looking forward to the drive back to KL, especially later this noon. Ok, on BN blocking tha blardy road.

They're being paranoid,don't you think? I honestly do not think that Anwar can do much even if he were to loiter around parliament,besides for gathering his people to protest-the thing that he's definitely good at.

The people would not support Anwar's doing if the government treat the people right by correcting the way they govern and put the people's need ahead of their pocket. But no, instead of trying to improvise on the way they govern, they decided to 'punish' the citizens ruthlessly by making everything skyrocket. For sure now they have to be many people want the government many people want back value for their money....and so many people want a better Malaysia to live in.

At least, for me, I would want a life where I do not have to worry about trying to reduce my spendings every single day and not having to live in fear that things will raise and raise further at wimp! I would not mind if my salary raise,but it's simply not the case. Asking for salary raise or asking for more value for my money is like asking for the sun, the stars and the moon!

Malaysian Joe said...

WIFI... Malacca! Nice... to be away from this maddening city...

warrior2 said...

Come to think of it, who should we the rakyat blame, honestly?

The PKR for all their organised/intended protests/demos which made the police mounting roadblocks or the govt?
Should we condon all these protests? One demo or protest once in a while is maybe ok (if you ask me, I question why shouldnt these protests be organised in jungles?) but to have it every few days is ricdiculous! And many of us thinks that the govt is at fault here for having mounted roadblocks

What gives?. Its like marahkan nyamuk, kelambu di bakar or is it?

cleffairy said...

You know.... it'll be less hassle and less painful to have our country nuked than to be destroyed slowly like this! Both party are wrong in my opinion. It seems that nobody is right anymore. Actually, this is what we get when the government do not govern properly and lack control-people demonstrate their scorn by putting up street demonstration.

If the government is a strong and took care of the citizens and the country, who would be so free as to put up demonstration, huh?

But then again, they put up roadblocks to AVOID demonstration, not that the demonstration is taking place YET.

Malaysian Joe said...

Warrior, my blame is on the Govt.


1. You should allow and PROVIDE these people avenue to show their displeasure.

I think, the PROTES was one good example. They are all in the stadium hence crowd control is made easier as oppose to these people showing it in public.

Think for a moment, when did PKR says they want to have a big demonstration in front of the Parliament? I may have missed the news... but people like me, hardly misses any such big news especially when I am reading many many blogs.

Hence, to the question:

1. Do the police need to employ such irritating procedures?
2. Do they need to cause productivity to go down in such a manner? Such wastages?

This is what the government wanting us to believe. These bastards are the ones causing you these hardship because they are selfish, they are demonstrating... too bad, you guys have to pay for it with discomfort.

But wait! Do these people really demonstrating for their selfish purpose? We may not agree with their actions, but heck! They are demonstrating for our purpose as well! We want a government that is able to contain the freaking stagflation that is hitting the country. We want a government that is more transparent and accountable to the rakyat! Are these not what we wanted?

Turn it the other way, we entrust the task to these few to do the dirty work for us. For me, I am glad and thankful they demonstrated. I may not have participated because... I AM SELFISH! I DO NOT WISH TO INCONVENIENT MYSELF! I, ME... see how self centred the statement can be?

So when there is a demonstration, think first if what they fight for is for a certain benefit to you... if there are, be thankful that there are people fighting your war for you... you should support them. But if they are not demonstrating for something to your benefit, ask are they doing it for greater good of ALL... if they are... support them.

Unless, you are the selfish person that only cares that the congestion has spoilt your weekend and that YOU have been made a victim by these selfish demonstrators who are demonstrating because the people are facing hardship. YOU and YOUR FAMILY have to suffer a few hours of traffic crawl because of some police who are clamping down on these demonstrators who are demonstrating for the greater good. YOU think that they are useless because YOU do not see yourself as a benefactor. YOU think they are a pest because YOU think there are better things to do like taking YOUR family for a weekend out...

Therefore, as long as the group of people who are willing to go against the system for the Greater good. They have my blessing and I am glad indeed that there are people out there who share my ideas and are willing to fight my war for me. I shudder to think of the day that I, ME, MYSELF will have to pick up the gauntlet and do the battle myself.

cleffairy said...

I wanna puuuuukkeeeeee! All these problems these days are giving me headache and i can no longer enjoy a peaceful drive...i was screaming like a madwoman earlier due to the heavy traffic and got horrible mother of a migraine when i got home *sobB*

When will all these nonsense stop?

I feel like holding up a nuke and nuke everyone! Everyone is WRONGGGG!

Sobs, i can't think straight anymore. nid to pig out to get over all these nonsense!

warrior2 said...

Joe, go read some more and you will find the source that the police talked about. You might have gone to many /blogs/sources but you may not go to the right ones!

You ASSUMED that they are fighting a cause for the greater good and not for some political agendas. Oh my!

For some including you that condonned thier strategies of protestings and demonstratings, there are also some others including me who dont condon their actions NOT BECAUSE WE ARE SELFISH, but because what they did and is doing is wrong!

Its a pity that you ASSUMED too much of the situation and US, those people who dont condon what is happening and what the pakatan is doing!

Malaysian Joe said...

Tell me which are the "right" ones?

Govt has been telling us their "sources"

1. That Hindraf are terrorists linked to LTTE.
2. Someone gotten hold of the indelible ink.
3. Demonstration on Monday when opps are tabling the no confidence vote.

Reading more credible blogs, I have stated in my blogroll. To me these are high traffic ones which I believe would have some credibility. My blog may not have them... since I am "new".

I got news of this "demo" from my friend working in Putrajaya. So, if you have gone to certain blogs that tells you they are mobilising people for Monday's demo, please forward it to me.

Maybe my US do not include you. It certainly include many others. And since you have talked about it being the wrong way... kindly enlighten many of us what is the "right" way. I do not support street politics. But if what they are trying to do in the most civil way (ie via the Parliament) has been continuously shot down.. what better ways?

Do not forget, the worst of govts.. Marcos, Suharto were ditched by mass protest by the people. Do not assume that those who do not participate in the demonstration agree with the govt. Thats what the govt did last time with BERSIH. They would have lost the country if only more people knew what was going on.

I wasnt assuming Warrior. All you need to do is to talk to more Joe public around. Do not go around talking to those who are comfy in their business. I have talked to people in there too, and were they apathetic... "Why destroy something when it is working" were their statements. "No No... BN are corrupt.. yes, but we do not know if the opps can do better.""We are civilized people... we do not demonstrate."

You may have your ideals. But before you nail me... do not assume that I ASSUME. Get your facts right... where is the source of information. I know of a NS Forum and movement in the making. I knew of BERSIH, HINDRAF, PROTES. I knew of the motion of no confidence... but really I DO NOT know of this demo yesterday. Only time i knew about it? Sat evening when I read Mkini talking about all the roadblocks.

So before we run around blaming Pakatan for all the irritation it has done to us... think of all the rubbish BN has dished out for us in the last 50 years.

warrior2 said...

The ASSUME part was not about the SOURCE!

Read again my post.

Unless you have interviewed evey joes and minahs in the country and come to a figure of pro and con, you cant speak for all of us.

You may think that the pakatan is doing us a favour but I dont share your sentiment. Although we dont agree, the difference betwen us is that, I dont claim that the govt is a saviour unlike you who claim pakatan is and that we should be grateful and thankful that they are fighting our CAUSE(?), that I am selfish for a little inconvenience because pakatan is having a protest or a demo somewhere, that ..... .

Malaysian Joe said...

I have never claimed Pakatan is the saviour. I believed that a change is necessary to stop the rot and arrogance. Who knows we may find a gem.

Like all surveys, its done as a sample. And my sample I can safely say is pretty large, since after th election. While I never said I had absolute people supporting what I say, its only natural that there are people on both sides of the divide. The issue now is, which side believes MORE? Btw... I never say I speak for all.. Who am I to do that?

"Many can think that we are not selfish, we just think what they did and do is wrong"... easy to say, care to suggest another option? Are there any other avenues? Btw.. my apologies, my mistake that I made a sweeping statement that everyone wanted a more transparent and accountable government. I am sure many do not want that.. my bad.

I wont speak for others. I speak for myself. I am PEEVED, that is an understatement at events that have happened and is happening. The government seemed to tell us that "We cant work with less than 2/3. See those monkeys." Then? Give us someone who can work with less than 2/3! How many advanced and developed countries have more than 2/3 majority? Singapore? Who else? Fine if you want to compare with Singapore... lets benchmark EVERYTHING with Singapore... can they?

warrior2 said...

Well, there are only 2 coalitions. BN and Pakatan. When you condemned the govt left and right, the pakatan is the only option left, thus your saviour.

For a population of nearly 28 millions, a sample of a few hundreds dosent mean a thing. I know because I a math major.

That quote...hmm. Are you reffering that quote to me..hmm i didnt see that in my earlier posts. Or are you asking me a question?

I am sure everybody wants transparancy and accountability but the question is HOW to get it?

Either you dont understand the system or you pretend not to.
2/3 majority is a very important element of governance. If you undertand that part, than everything is lost.

My advice, when you write, write not with anger but when you are calm and collect.

warrior2 said...

"if you DONT understand that part"

Malaysian Joe said...

I never write with anger. I write with frustration.

You want a sample? Take last GE for example. Less than 50% voted the govt in Peninsular... good enough?

2/3 is a myth. What do we get for 50 years giving BN 2/3? You provide the answer.

I have been asking HOW. I have given my answer. You have been disputing my answer without giving a viable alternate answer.

Its good that you are a math major. I flopped maths. So maybe you can give me more credible idea of a sample besides results of the last GE. If you want to dispute that, I guess, lets ask BN to have another one... we shall then see how Sabah and Sarawak will vote. They voted BN out of fear the last time... so does my home state Penang for many Elections but the pissing factor was so great that no amount of fear can make them vote BN... Do we have another choice besides Pakatan? Fraid not... but at this point, any govt would probably make a better govt than BN.

Malaysian Joe said...

"Well, there are only 2 coalitions. BN and Pakatan. When you condemned the govt left and right, the pakatan is the only option left, thus your saviour."

You my friend is assuming. I will whack any govt left and right if they do not do the right thing... at least in my view. The reason why Selangor's Pakatan has not got to the end of my ire is because they are still new and seriously my only contention so far is the "free water" issue.

Got a meeting to attend. Back by 6pm.

warrior2 said...

It seems you donot actualy understand what you are saying. Thats why i asked you not to write when you are angry (or the way you put it "rustrated").

You still do not know the significant of a 2/3 majority in governance. Since you do not, and like I said earlier, everything is lost!

On the sampling, trust me, you dont have a case to debate that with me. Look at your earlier claim, look at my arguament on sampling, and try to understand!

Malaysian Joe said...

Hey... at least I did a sampling... have you? Until you have..... well, my numbers are more credible that 1. (ONE).

Frustration is not equal to anger. Refer to Oxford and then we discuss.

Malaysian Joe said...

Fair enough. The article is here;

Its a fair enough blog. You got it right. 352k visitors since Feb 02. Better than mine.. sigh...