Friday, July 4, 2008

Lagi No Sense...

Now what??? Somebody force Bala to make the SD? Now he is making another one??? Who force who? Who is telling a lie? Bala lost his credibility? As the plot thickens... we poor mofos just sit and wait for Armageddon... is this the 3rd SD that was being talked about by Rockybru? Discrediting Subra or he discredit himself? Subra liwat Anwar pulak... aisayman!

from Malaysiakini

Private detective P Balasubramaniam today retracted his stunning statutory declaration which had linked Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.


The said declaration also had claims that Najib had a sexual relationship with Altantuya and that he was the one who had introduced Altantuya to Abdul Razak Baginda.

Balasubramaniam said that he was forced to make the declaration under duress. At a press conference in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur this morning, he produced a new statutory declaration. Missing from the new statutory declaration were references of Najib having a sexual relationship with Altantuya nor of Najib being the person who allegedly introduced Abdul Razak to the Mongolian woman.

Also with the PI this morning was his new lawyer. His other lawyer, Americk Sidhu, who was with him yesterday was unaware of the latest development. The press conference is still underway.

I mean... what power does DSAI have la to put Bala under duress? His butthole was laid bare for Anwar ah? He ditched his lawyer for a new one? under 24 hours?

Bala's First Statutory Declaration

Bala's Second Statutory Declaration

Damn.. its getting murkier.... the SD "was
affirmed before commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat, bearing an address that is traced to Zul Rafique & Partners - a pro-establishment law firm owned by Zulkifly Rafique who is Federal Territories minister Zulhasnan Rafique's brother."

More than meets the eye? Star carries the story.....

A visibly perturbed Balasubramaniam remained mum on Friday when met by pressmen who had rushed to a hotel here where his new lawyer Arulampalam Mariam Pillai accompanied him for the brief press conference. Arulampalam also refused to entertain pressmen, giving only a brief statement that his client was under duress and that he was upset.

He certainly seem upset and under duress today..... but was he so yesterday?

Looked more relax aint it? moreover he fielded questions from the press.... this is what the Star wrote about the mood today...

Dressed in a cap and T-shirt Balasubramaniam refused to answer questions posed to him and left quickly after his lawyer distributed the second statutory declaration to reporters.

I wonder what does the body language tells us....


Anonymous said...

Geezzzz all these people really ought to take over my job and become a soap opera novelist instead...this SD thingie is really confusing. i'll remain mum until things gets clearer. LOL

Malaysian Joe said...

i am as kompiused....