Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Liwat Conspiracy...

"To liwat or not to liwat, that is the question."

To think that BN should come up with such an allegation makes BN really STUPID. Stupid because Dr. M has gone down the road and nearly got his butt whopped, and for them to take the route again must have been stupid because it sets them on the defensive from the onset.

Been thinking about it the whole night and I thought of it this way which my brekkie friend also shared the same idea.... could this be... Anwar's own idea? After all, he wants to participate in a by-election and he needs some publicity which MSMs are not willing to give.. so, why not play on their weaknesses... MSMs will definitely pounce on news that will put him in a bad light. What better than to play on old wound? On top of that, it will send the BN into denial and defensive mode.. would it not?

Seeking refuge in Turkish Embassy? Geez... this is a script taken out of Hollywood movie... a disaster within a disaster.... Why Turkey? Its a model Islamic country and its the country where our PM purportedly had his luxury yacht built.... hmmm... International flavour..

So, this theory has it that Anwar schemed the whole thing! But wait! What about the pictures that was splashed all over the media showing the accuser in serious picture taking mode with the Ministers? Planned months ago?? Does Anwar really have such forsight that Pakatan would come so near to winning the election? Does he really believe that the frogs will be reluctant to jump hence he need to pull out another rabbit out of the hat to hasten the jump? Or was it a premeditated move to send BN scurrying to find answers which was never there in the first place thus depleting their resources in a wild goose chase while buying time for him to continue working on the frogs?

Hence then to Anwar, what is the best case to present that the public will immediately cry foul and to bring the people to his side and cast BN in the light most unwanted? Begs the answer, To liwat or not to liwat.....

Update: Sigh.. write so long... seems this conspiracy theory holds no water... People's Parliament carries this "we know from the start" theory which has more credibility... hehe..


warrior2 said...

I have an issue with the NOTION as contained in the People`s Parliament blog.

The notion that the act is assumed to be a forced act....and not

If we read the Appeal judgement, the judges didnt exanorate (is this word correct? I mean to say that the judges found that sodomy did likely took place ) him from the sodomy act. Isnt there any possibility that it happened this time around too?

I still find all the statements by anwar and his wife just didnt add up and for him to seek refuge at the embassy just as the sodomy news broke out is highly questionable

Malaysian Joe said...

Many things.... we, you and and million others would not know of. For me its.. Let God be the judge in the afterlife... but today, right now.. there are 2 courts here in Malaysia.

1. The Judiciary
2. The court of Public Opinion.

Judiciary.. unless they can reclaim their honor, I think for many Malaysians the second court's opinion holds sway.

Anwar is no saint. But my thoughts is this. He has spoken out too much to do otherwise... so I would give him a chance.. whether he is gay or bisexual.. that is his orientation. Consistent with my views on Mr. Pornstar Chua Soi Lek or even the evil SIL's purported mistress Maya Karin. As long as your family does not object.. who are we to?

Back to DSAI. He has spoken so much about the weaknesses of NEP etc and his new ideas which I think is good for the country. BN has taken us nowhere for the last 50 years if you ask me. So what the heck if we give it to someone who at least have some ideas on where to take us. TDM gave us vision 2020... try go to the museum at look at Pak Lah's Vision 2057...