Monday, July 28, 2008

Destination: Kulim - Bandar Bahru

Gee... now I must be kicking myself for moving to KL and register to vote in KL while my hometown is taking all the glory.

Kulim-Bandar Bahru. Is set to be the showdown between Anwar and a water fish from Barisan... which will most likely be his former protege.. Ezam.

A known BN stronghold in the past, the landscape of Kulim has changed dramatically after the Hi Tech Park was built. More and more professionals are making Kulim their home. Gone are the days when chicken rice was RM1.30 and kopi peng was RM0.50. Today, Kulim is a thriving town with many making it their home. Prices of homes have also soared in this sleepy town. Many are building their bungalows in the town. Probably a steal by KL standards, getting a piece of land and building a 5000sq feet bungalow can cost as low as RM300k and while some of the people I know have built some VERY nice homes for less than RM500k. Phew.. am I selling houses in Kulim? Guess not.. LOL. But, if one were to know the town well, there are still places where you can still get nasi lemak for 50sen.....

BN, welcome to your waterloo. I will canvass with my dad and friends to ensure a Pakatan win if ever a by-election is called here (Kulim). And if in the event it does not happen in Kulim, it will probably happen in Bandar Tun Razak... ermm.. looks like at last I can rejoice as I will be playing a part in making it HAPPEN! Yes, BTR is my constituency! Either way, I will be able to "contribute". My dad and friends, together with my friends will make this by-election a very memorable one. 2 generations of Kulim-gites will make the difference... Kulim is ready but I am skeptical really... 15000 people at Kulim Chinese Recreation Club grounds.... that number was.. MIND BLOWING. Dad and friends were there too, their estimate was... chin chia cheh lang ter tiuk la... sui beh liao! (literally means: loads of people... uncountable).


cleffairy said...

Kulim is my mummy's hometown. It's been so long since i went there for a visit. Kulim...a developing place, and i bet they are going to fight a war to get Kulim seat!

Hmm... iced tea or coffee for 50 cents... and chicken rice for
rm1.30... those days are long gone *whine*

Now we have to pay disgustingly expensive price for a measly plate of chicken rice. My end here chicken rice cost rm5.00, and ice tea for rm 1.40. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Malaysian Joe said...

whoa.... ur mum kulim oso? hmmm... small world...

dad is still there... loved Kulim too much to move down to KL.