Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soap Opera Malaysia Style

Said Hamid says, "We have nothing to hide!" and HERE

Must be all nice and dandy after Rais sent in the letter telling US to butt out of the matter... Botak may have thought he is safe to come out and say something more..... "credible"


'He said 96 representatives from foreign embassies and consulates, including the Turkish and American ambassadors, were satisfied with his explanation on the case."

Makes me wonder what did he tell those flers in the meeting and what gives him the impression they are all happy about his explanation? Why would Ms. Rice be making that statement?

An Asean diplomat who also attended the briefing said Syed Hamid assured the envoys that the investigations into the allegations against Anwar were done in accordance with the law.

The diplomat said Syed Hamid also told them that they had a video of how Anwar was treated while in police custody but did not show it to them.

This one baffles me..... read between the lines what the diplomat is saying and what Hamid perceives.

Alas! Condoleeza Rice gave a stinging reminder to those who thought they had "indefatigable evidence" against Anwar that US (the self proclaimed Tai-Kor) that, it is NOT and INTERNAL AFFAIR.

Then... Kuala Lumpur tells Washington... "SHADDAP YOU!"

I wonder if Hamid is going to froth yet again and go off tangent and mutter something incomprehensible like he did on Hardtalk after this round of "everything ok" then "tak ok" situation.

Now I know why he is losing hair..... by the way Hamid.. we still remember the chaotic traffic scenes the last two weeks and we are still not amused by all your stupid statements about the need for DNA. With all these "issues" affecting your credibility.. I suggest, you tender your resignation with immediate effect.


cleffairy said...

Kuala Lumpur always tell people "Shaddap you". It's the in phrase of the year wud.

Syed hamid, i dunno how long he can stay in that position without making a fool of himself further.

cili said...

"clap clap" Joe, I sokong you kaki and tangan "wink"

Malaysian Joe said...

Joe thinks international community is starting to pull their weight around although they could be old friends of DSAI, in the likes of Camdessus, Martin and Wolfehnson who came out in support of Anwar which co-incides with Rice's statement that US will continue to speak out...

I wonder if its telling Msians something... well current crop of international leaders besides Rice has not actually spoken out yet but the murmurs getting louder.