Friday, July 25, 2008

First ICT Hub? Pahang?


Err if Pahang is to have their first ICT Hub... with investments totalling RM10bil-RM20bil.... err.. I seriously wonder where is the money coming from... which investor would want to risk it?

I thought we already have various ICT Hubs? MSC? Cyberjaya? Northern Hub... Southern Hub... Car hub caps?

I smell another big time Real Estate deal... just like all the other corridors... that remain very very narrow corridors....

`The companies and financial institutions have given their commitment to provide financial back-up for the project,'' he added.

He said it was understood that a sum of RM10bil would be allocated by the Government to develop ICT facilities.

Govt got so much money? When they postponed or rather entombed Penang's monorail project for a measly couple of billion and having such difficulty working out the increased cost of the 2nd Penang bridge for 4.8bil, and the government would just allocate Rm10bil for this? in Pahang?? Where exactly? Pekan?


cleffairy said...

Maybe they suddenly feel the need to develop Pahang... the C4ing guy is from Pahang wud? It'll be a shame if the next Pm's hometown looks like a reban ayam!

Anyway... all these ppl... they just want to find reason to 'makan' they hv to plan a few project so that they can telan some food.

Malaysian Joe said...

Belum pasti lagi PM hak milik Datuk Seri C4.... :).

cleffairy said...

Whahaha, Datuk Seri C4... wud a cool nickname... or should I say bombastic? LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

better not ler.. after he ask someone to sue us for defamation. knowing well he wont do it himself. shhhhh...