Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spare a Thought

With all the events happening in our country at light speed, I think many can be forgiven for being exhausted or even clueless as to what is happening right now. With the amount of spin by MSMs, we are even more confused rather than informed of the situation.

First we have our C4 DPM embroiled in the Altantunya murder... and Rosmah's name was dragged in as well by none other than RPK. Then we have one Saifool claiming that Anwar sodomised him... if that is not enough, we also were treated to some disobedience by Terengganu Exco who bought Mercedes for themselves and challenge Pa Lala to also ask ACA to investigate Monsoon Cup matters amongst others... definitely "lawan towkay" moves by Terengganu. Phew... you thought that it was just about that! Were we wrong... so very wrong... PAS-UMNO secret talks on unification!? Unthinkable happens! Well.. WELCOME TO MALAYSIA.

How can we Malaysians go to bed every night thinking, it will be a new day tomorrow without thinking.. What are these mofos going to come up next?

Hello BN! Since the election, we have had rice going up through the roof... even today when the prices have come down, with some say its only about 15% above the normal before the drastic increase, the retail price doesn't seem to reflect the actual market price.... why? Bernas screwed up? Bought high and now it has to be stuffed down our throat at high prices to maintain your profits?

Then they groan saying "we cannot sustain any more subsidies on fuel." It was USD130/barrel then... they raised petrol by 78sen and proclaim that they are still continuing with 30sen/ litre subsidy. Today its USD122/barrel.... pump prices are still kept at RM2.70... someone is making millions....

Then TNB says, its my turn... we, the rakyat getting screwed again! Electricity up 20%!

Poor rakyat gotta change lifestyle again!!!!

Next, our kids will have to walk to school... yeah... talk about changing lifestyle... BUS FARE GOES UP!

The government has agreed to raise fares for express and stage buses, but not up to 100 percent as proposed by the Pan Malaysia Bus Operators' Association (PMBOA)

Poor rakyat gotta be thankful that the government has "cleverly" negotiated the increase to not meet 100% of what was proposed!!!

Would you want to speculate what else is going to go up? Read BH today and a pic shows fishing boats grounded.... no more subsidized diesel.... I think with whatever space you have at home, please plant your own vegetables... going vegetarian isnt all that bad. Apparently it reduces flautulance and indirectly methane gas that is bad for the environment. We will also cut down on meat demand! Meaning they will rear lesser cows and I was told that cow farts causes the depletion of the ozone layer! Vegetables are good, it emmits O2! At least thats what I learnt back then in school.

Poor Clef been complaining about the rise in bus fare. I urge her to... change lifestyle... again... change lifestlye... listen to our government... they know best... they are the smartASS!


Anonymous said...

LMAO... poor Clef can't change lifestyle liao. Change anymore, I'll end up in the street, begging for food! LOL.

Or, maybe horr, I should get myself a horse? Den ride the horse to work. But then again, the horse needs to eat, needs to see vet, aiyo, why live in Malaysia so susah wan?

Sigh. Actually the Singapore government has lower down their fuel price by 10cent, if I'm not mistaken, cuz they're following the global market price, but I don't see our government going to follow suit...they're going to cheat, cheat and cheat us and tell us the global market price is going up when it's actually going down. MY god.

Listen to the government, my ass lah! I'll listen to a cow moo-ing and farting sooner than listening to our government. So corrupt, so babi-ish!

I'm actually concern about children who are going to school. I'm not sure if you increase your kids allowance, but as far as I'm concern, most kids allowance are not increasing either due to their parent's financial difficulties. Let's say a primary school kid was given Rm3 to school. What can she actually buy huh? My time maybe can buy a lot and eat until vomit, but now i am not sure what a child with Rm3 can buy in the school canteen!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, on TNB electricity tariff going up... i kinda understand that, because my dad constantly do those planning and stuff. TNB actually got a lot of debt, ever since their CEO, Ani Arouff resigned back in 1997?.

20% is alot... i tink i'm gonna beg my dad to pay my bills oredi. cannot tahan liao. Revert back to a 'spoilt bratty daughter' mode.

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Malaysian Joe said...

whoa cleffy.... you are indeed daddy's little girl... hehehe... dad, get TNB to subsidize my bill.. LOL..

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef, my kid takes RM2.00 to school. That is only for emergency purposes. He has his own food and drinks.

Maybe when he is in secondary school, he will have a more "generous" pocket money but at the moment, I do not trust his canteen food so well, he has to live with some "set of rules" LOL..

Anonymous said...

Wah... ur wife must have spent a hell of time to pack up food for your kids! Just like my mom used to do. She used to wake up early, fry some rice or make some sandwich for me to eat during recess.Shiet, now I miss my mom and her cooking... damn.

LOL, I plan it to be this way.

"Daddy... I cannot take it anymore. Everyone is bullying me. My boss, the government. Even TNB don't care about me liao. Please daddy, pay my bills for me..." Clef said with teary eyes.

Malaysian Joe said...

Actually its quite easy peasy... in the morning.. :). Sometimes she prepare, sometimes I do... most of the time its simple breakfast meal... bread with butter and jam or pack cereals and take with him a pack of milk to school.

Sometimes noodles... sometimes char-siew bun...

BullShitWebsites said...

Why were my posts deleted?

Anonymous said...

You know, Kevin, I really respect you and your missus for taking such time to prepare some food for your kids to bring to school. Most just give them money, then don't care what kind of rubbish they eat in school already.

These days, not much parents spend their time to do that except my mom, my sis is taking SPM this year, still bring lunch to school, heck, my mom prepare food for my dad to bring when he go outstation. Now you can see how my mom spoil all of us. SOBBBBB. Miss her cooking lah.

Malaysian Joe said...

sigh... change lifestyle ma...