Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is more important?

Facts of the case? Veracity of evidence gathered? Or swearing by the Quran?

I am no Muslim nor a religious expert. So, the sight of Rafidah swearing by the Quran sometime ago really amuses me... and now this? Asking Anwar to swear by the Quran? Saiful taking it a step further by issuing the challenge on his friendster page?

Not pointing who is less religious, I can bet you one thing.... a person who fear not the religion would not bat an eyelid to swear by any book you pass to him not even the book of faith he professes in. Eh?

Suddenly there is a chorus asking all and sundry to swear by the Quran... does it help? Really....

I dont know. What I know is, there is no smoke if there is no fire. Fire however can be self inflicted.. so Sodomy, Bala, Altantunya murder, Rosmah, Najib, RPK, Anwar and Saiful... are you gonna leave a cliffhanger or wut? Funny though, you realize the names like Abdullah and Khairy are not on the "In the News" list at the moment? Could this be the master stroke by Mr. Sleepyhead to make all the aspirants or contenders to his seat having a go at each other's throat so that he could consolidate power?

Or is it that, Anwar sees Abdullah as expired goods hence is not the primary target and that his ambitious No. 2 together with his wife pose a far greater threat to his aspiration to be PM? Or is KJ at last stealthily moving in the shadows to set these two on warpath so as to safeguard his dream of becoming PM after the next GE?

This one does not even need a season end cliffhanger... its a cliffhanger at the end of every episode!


Anonymous said...

I'd say.... leave God out of these asshole matters! He have better things to attend to eg- warring countries, starving children and world peace to attend to.

Honestly, these people we're dealing with are hungry for position and power, what difference could it probably make if they swear on the Quran anyway? They'd probably go ahead and lie lie lie and deny deny deny anyway. Does these people have any genuine fear of God though they are embracing the religion? I do not know. If they fear God, do you think they will quarrel around with asshole matters? they'll concentrate in doing good deeds instead.

Yes....that's what I thought... all these asshole thingie that's going around us, to me is just a mere diversion to the REAL issue, which is economic downturn, social illness, citizen's welfare and pending development.

Malaysian Joe said...

Diversion from them screwing the rakyat's money in all their other "projects."

warrior2 said...

I am no expert but from what I understand of the swearing thing, it is a very serious thing to do.

What it means ( as I understand it), the accused to swear that the accused didnt do the sodomy and if he really did it, in this life, he will face the wrath of God. Vice versa with the accuser in that if he lied, he will face the wrath of God in thsi life time.

this is something that only those who speak the truth dares to commit as histroy have shown that one does get what one deserves

Malaysian Joe said...

So what if everyone swears by it?

warrior2 said...

This is an islam thing. As explained in my earlier post, one gets what one deserves .i.e. when one lies, society is given proof by God that he lied. Something bad happens to the person that lied

Malaysian Joe said...

The crux here is, it doesnt solve the problem. We need closure... not swearing here there and everywhere... they can swear all they want but closure is needed.

warrior2 said...

It may not be a closure of the "normal" kind where a court finds one guilty or not but to a moslem, it is a form of closure because we are shown (by an act of God whereby something bad happens to the guilty party) that a person did or didnt do what he/she was accused of.

Anwar was accused of sodomy. If no court of law can convict him because of lack of evidence to convict him, does it mean he didnt do it? Is that a closure?

If we look at the judgement of the Appeal , the judges found/formed a judgement that the sodomy did oocur. Even with that, many DIDNT believe it! IS that a closure that we want?

Malaysian Joe said...

aiya... this argument wont end... LOL.. the closure need not come from the courts really. baring all facts and let the court of public opinion hold sway. As it is, CPPS survey shows 90% does not believe Saiful... does it matter?

warrior2 said...

I say, anwar can secretly marry 4 and when you asked the public in a poll/survey, 90% wont beleieve he has 4 wives and they will say/comment that it is another conspiracy to hentam anwar

Malaysian Joe said...

See, you are still not getting my point. Public perception today is very important as they have lost confidence in the authorities. Its not a matter of Anwar can deny anything at will and people will believe... which apparently is the case today because of the deep rooted problems with the govt today.

So, its a cycle. Back to the point. Where has it gone wrong? What has the govt done to correct it? Let me answer that for you. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So do not blame the people. Blame yourselves. It is not easy now to be a government apologist, because anything said would have a repercussion. Distrust can be argued sown by the opposition, but if the govt have acted well, transparent and judicious at all times, there is no reason why the majority would be bought by conspiracy theories.

Majority is always silent. That is why there are always elections to be won or lost. Whether you like it or not any country for that matter, you may have 30:20:50. Govt: Opposition: Public. The 50% would win or lose an election for the incumbent. In Msia's case its 30:20:40:10. The 10% represent phantoms, illegals and postal votes.. hence giving the G 40% already. So if they had won by 51% of popular votes, they lost it... public perception that is.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'm enjoying the argument * Lil Cleff sits back and sips her tea, cackling*

I hope everyone who do wrongs, including making the citizens suffer, will be damned by God. Nah, ambik... let God punish them, let them feel the wrath of God! Grrrr!

Malaysian Joe said...

Cleff, its civil discourse... LOL.

God will damn them but heck why should we innocent flers be paying for their wayward ways and attitude?

warrior2 said...

I undestand actually. The last post was meant to be a joke.