Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RPK not far from truth

Read this piece of news from Malaysiakini entitled "Saiful's Uncle Rubbishes leaked Medical Report"

I wont say anything else except... RPK aint far from the truth. RPK's take.

Gotta add this, I was laughing....


Anonymous said...

LOL... I knew you'll dump this rubbish in your blog sooner or later. Hahaha. To tell you the truth, i was stifling my laugh like a mad cow to avoid from laughing out loud in my office. Damn. Imagine what my boss could do to me if he found out that i was doing other thing besides my work. LOL

Maybe RPK was right after all. You were right, and I was right too. LOL.

Malaysian Joe said...

well.... left to be seen. Anwar says he will be arrested soon... :)..

The messiah fortells his destiny.. LOL. Anyway, it was meant for laugh.

Our telepathy seem to be getting better.. :).