Friday, July 25, 2008

Wither New Signings

As the new season opener draws closer for Barclays Premier League, my hope for Manchester United to sign a couple of players dim by the day.

After a highly successful season culminating in them winning the coveted Champions League at Luzhniki now is a distant memory as Sir Alex Ferguson struggles to keep the team together. I think he has his thoughts as to why and how he wants to retain Cristiano Ronaldo. I have given up on him. For me, a player who no longer wishes to play for you do not deserve a place in the team.

He is however, STILL, SAF's blue eyed boy in the Manc's outfit. Yesterday we had Tevez coming out and urge the team to just let him go if he so stubbornly wanted to... I still believe we should just sell him. I do not think any amount of fantastic display next season by him will endear him back to the fans. Rightfully, the fans forgave him for what he did to Rooney while on England duty... that was England. Today, we are talking about him pushing the patience of fans rooting for the team in RED. I for one do not think that many would welcome him back after this strained episode.

Ronaldo aside, I hope we can get loads of moolah from his sale. I am still itching to know if SAF has got any signings in the bag!!!??? Dmitar Berbatov? He would guarantee us at least 25 goals a season... but I would prefer to see Huntelaar in the red of Manchester United. Still have not lost hope of having Wesley Sniejder and Sergio Ramos playing for us. They would be great replacements for Scholes and Gary Neville.

Sir Alex, please do not let us wait too long to see a fresh new face at Old Trafford... with pretty much nothing to show so far... I hope action comes thick and fast after the team's return from South Africa!

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cleffairy said...

I've been busy. haha, finally got time to have a cuppa tea and read. Hmm... honestly...errr... i dunno what this post is all about. Lmao. Aiya... I a can never understand fooball. o.0 err,issit about football?