Monday, July 21, 2008

Idris or Said.....

Terengganu under Idris....

Monsoon Cup... where all the contracts to develop the state purportedly went to contractors out of the state. Idris has "failed" to ensure oil royalty money going back to the state and although he led BN to victory in the last GE, he was unseated as the MB... so they chose Said to be their MB instead.

This is what happens.. HERE

The state bought 14 of the luxury cars for RM3.43mil to replace the Proton Perdana V6 Executive cars that had been purchased in 2004.

The new cars are for the exco members, the state assembly speaker, the state secretary, the state legal adviser and the state finance officer.

The new cars with tinted windows carry the state emblem with the wording “Exco Kerajaan Negeri” embossed on the number plate.

State Secretary Datuk Mokthar Nong said the decision to use Mercedes-Benz cars was made several months ago.

The state took delivery of the cars earlier this month.

He said the German cars were bought for the safety of the state officials who had to travel extensively and to reduce the cost of maintenance.

This is probably why they need the oil royalty for.... and also to tell Proton... you suck! eh? But they deflected it saying they did not use oil royalty for the purchase and shifted the blame back to Idris... hahahaha... good one...


Of course they don't! They utilized the oil money for other contracts and siphon the money into buying Mercedes! Does not take a do-do to understand that. While Penang Councillors are still using their Perdanas, I wonder why they need to change the 4 year old Perdanas... must be total wreck after 4 years huh? That the cost of maintenance is so high!?

Maybe they are afraid that they may hit a cow or two along fenced TOLLED highways... (read The Sun today... MAIN PAGE! where 2 die along the highway after their car ram into a COW!)

Updates HERE. Claims of maintenance cost of Perdana to be RM175k to RM225k! Some blog information.


warrior2 said...

I too dont agree with the purchase of new cars UNLESS it is proven that existing cars are no longer economic to maintain and terok.

If that is the case, what will the new car be? If i am not mistaken, there was a circular to purchase proton cars thats why even ministers has proton perdanas. If that is true, than the state has done wrong.

Tinted or not ISNT AN ISSUE so long as they are within regulation or they have got approval to installed very dark film.

Note: safety wise, it is true that merc is anytime safer than perdanas. BTW There are many cows roaming even on all kinds of roads in trengganu! hehe

cleffairy said...

I'm sorry. Have one easily forgotten that Princess Diana died in a Merc Benz in France back in 31st August 1997?

Honestly, it depends on the driver's skill to make a car really safe. If you are to drive a merc and drive like a drunken sailor, merc also cannot tahan lerr...

It's pathetic... Malaysian drivers are mostly BOWDOW!Alot lack of hand-eye coordination! So use what car also not totally safe!

warrior2 said...

Clef, if Diana was in a perdana, her body would have been torn to many pieces or broken bones all over and she would have died instatntly. The fact that she was not and was alive for sometime is a testimony to the strength of Merc of which everybody knows.

My point being, if you drive a perdana versus a merc, if you hit a cow or whatever or a mad bull come rushing and hit you whilst you are driving a merc or a perdana, the chances of you surviving or suffering major injury is higher in a merc.

Malaysian Joe said...

Clef... Diana may only survive if she had travelled in an A1 Abrams tank under that circumstances.. but heck... its not about that. Its about time when govt needs to cut back spending and you have these mofos "upgrading".

warrior2 said...

OFCOURSE, the bodyguard SURVIVED!

cleffairy said...

Haha... but honestly, i think she would die anyway, even if she were to take a tank to travel. You see, it was rumoured that she was 2 month pregnant with Dodi Al Fayed's baby, and it was said, the whole car crash thing is a conspiracy to get rid of her. Why get rid of her? Perhaps, the British royalty wouldn't want their Princess of Wales convert to Islam, and influenced her two young boys in the process. If that were to happen British monarchy/politics would be different, wouldn't it?

Malaysian Joe said...

Trust me she will survive.. A1 Abrams can only go 80km/h.