Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It means Fuck You La.. What else?

This is what a racist monkey does....


from mobscrib

Watch it and if you believe he did this....

He initially denied... HERE

Then he retracted.... what is he trying to prove? Retraction is true. His first statement was made under duress? Probably caught red handed on video and that is why he was force to admit... BODOH..

What does he meant by he did it but is not what he meant?

Its universal language for FUCK YOU... isnt it? Dung? I mean Bung?

What has our August house mired in? Having racist morons like Bung still sitting in it making a mockery out of it?

A MORON, A LIAR, A RACIST.... you, Bung Mokhtar do not deserve your seat in the Parliament.

This is the sort of news that made me laugh and cry at the same time... laugh, for it was a joke that one cannot differentiate a "pop" and a "pat" sound... laugh because someone thinks he can take Malaysians as bloody fools. Cry.. because we have such characters in our Parliament... Cry because such people can get off without being punished... just because he sits on the right side of the fence.... at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Ahh... the Kinabatangan feller... yea, i agree with you that he's a moron, a liar and a racist, but he's the same kind as the chauvinist bootlicking son of a monkey, Nazri, is he not?

Malaysian Joe said...

Nazri... he is chaotic! A lot of potential that guy. He can be rational one moment and make a complete joke of himself the next. While Bung.... he is a perpetual joke.

wuzzup said...

This people have no decency and call themselves leaders...real joke. I wonder what
would happen in other democratic country like in US or Europe  if minister
behave like this?

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