Saturday, July 5, 2008

Police Investigate both SDs?

Righteous. Can I conclude that? Can they be impartial and fair to ivnestigate both SDs? Since they are suspiciously behind the reversal of the initial SD?

(Bernama) -- Police will investigate both statutory declarations made by P. Balasubramaniam even though the private investigator had retracted the earlier statutory declaration dated July 1.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the police would still be carrying out their investigations as there might be hidden motives involved.

"We will investigate both. The one (he distributed) yesterday and the retractions he made today," he said when contacted.

Speaking through lawyer M. Arulampalam, Balasubramaniam told a news conference today that the statements contained in his previous statutory declaration were inaccurate and not the truth.

"I wish to retract the entire contents of my statutory declaration dated July 1, 2008. I was compelled to affirm the said statutory declaration under duress," he said in the new statutory declaration dated Friday.

Yesterday, Balasubramaniam, a witness in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial, distributed a statutory declaration dated July 1, containing statements about Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's alleged involvement with the Mongolian woman.

Najib denied the allegations and described them as malicious lies aimed at tarnishing his image.

Ismail said police would still investigate into the July 1 statutory declaration notwithstanding the retraction today.

"There might be intentions to create diversion... so we should carry out a thorough investigation," he said.

First and foremost, can the police confirm what happened to Bala when he went to Brickfields station right after the July 3 press conference? If and indeed the police were the ones that coerce him to change his stand, what credibility does the police have to investigate these SDs?

My view is it doesnt add up. When the July 1 SD was released on July 3, he seemed jovial and answered many questions posed to him although DSAI robbed him off the spotlight, which I believe is not what he craved for anyway. He looked smart in shirt and hair well combed. The SD took many many hours to compile. He has spent hours with his lawyer and had his SD stamped at a Commissioner who co-incidentally came from Slim River where Bala came from.

Fast forward a few hours later.... he appeared flustered... tired and dejected and he handed out his now infamous July 4 SD which retracted every word he has said in the July 1 SD. He refused to answer questions and walked away. His new lawyer said that he is under duress. While his second SD stated that his FIRST SD was made under duress.

Who or what do we trust? His looks and body language defying his signed SD? Or his signed documents?

Since he was last seen entering the police station, we can assume that since then till the time he appeared at Prince Hotel, he was then made to come up with the second SD, or rather it was already there just for him to sign! Imagine an SD that took days and hours to write up... he now comes up with one in a matter of hours to deny every word that he has uttered in the first! How is that for efficiency!

Since there are two conflicting SDs now to come out from one person, I for one found the first one very sensational and too clear to believe it to be totally true. After July 4 SD, it has made me believed the first to have more essence of truth than I thought it should contain... enough truth to cause some "powers that be" to ensure the changes to mitigate the damage and discredit the very person who could cause it... no.. not Anwar but Balasubramaniam, the PI. With Bala compromised and possibly neutralized, Anwar is now left alone... unless he has more compelling evidence to prove that Najib did in fact know Altantunya? The rumoured picture? CCTV footages? Anwar would have been world's greatest PI if he were to have in his posession real compelling evidence of the greatest cover up in Malaysia.... to date.


Anonymous said...

Someone must have screwed Bala's ass, hence the second SD.You know, why would he bother to make the first SD if 3 days later he wants to change his statements? Something is wrong somewhere... under duress my ass la...probably someone has threatened him and the rest of his family. Tht feller seems jovial after he made the first SD. His scripts for the 2nd SD is so corny lah! " I was under duress"

We are dealing with possible cold blood murderer, and 2nd/3rd( if you count DYMM, Najib is 3rd)most powerful man in the country. Anything is possible.

If a primary school child decided to report to his teacher that he saw his peers in the toilet and did so, but a few days after he told the teacher that he did it because he was stressful, which statement would we taken to believe?

Malaysian Joe said...

That is my sentiments exactly. The first one was sensational.. colorful.. too detailed to be trusted or believed.

With the retraction and the body language shown, I am compelled to believe the first one even more.