Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Land Deals - Hilmi admits....

Cornered with nowhere else to run, admits his fault to part of the landscam deals reported to be investigated earlier by Penang Government.

"I feel responsible because the error happened then," said Hilmi. "An error occurred and the decision was already made."

With nowhere else to hide he has to make that statement of being responsible? Or was he BIG enough to take responsibility? Joe thinks its a combination of both... but he cannot just say its an error after all the litany of errors which was clearly an abuse of their authority. He was merely saying, "nasi sudah jadi bubur... apa boleh buat?"

Helmi has admitted... has Abdul Rashid? I guess this is just the tip of the iceberg and the "Kucing" government of Penang may have just earned a feather to its cap. Penang is moving in the right direction and I hope Lee Kah Choon will work hard to bring more FDIs into the island to make up for lost time in the past.


Anonymous said...

When nasi sudah menjadi bubur, all these people decided just to throw away the bubur, not eat them. obviously they do not know that the bubur can be eaten. Aihh... there's so much abuse of power in malaysian government. We ought to get used to their unscrupulous ways.

Malaysian Joe said...

I have to say I am mighty proud of Penang and all my relatives who are still staying and voting in Gelugor, Jelutong, Ayer Hitam and Pulau Tikus. So are my friends in Bagan, Bagan Jermal, Batu Kawan and Jawi.

All these while I labeled them as cowards for succumbing to the fear mongering by BN each time before elections. This time round they all gave me the thumbs up before 8/03.

Too bad, I never tell them bout this blog. Wifey don't like me talking too much politics... :(. hahaha.