Wednesday, July 2, 2008

RM625.... When are we entitled?

Call me stupid. But I think the whole thing is soooo stupid.

Renewed my roadtax two weeks ahead and since I am on leave today to run some errands.... well, I lost my ATM card bout 6 months ago and now my account is about to be dormant, so I thought what the heck... ran around completing my things as I should.

So off to the bank, was a pleasant morning if not for the perpetual traffic jam... then it was off to TMPoint to pay my phone bill.. and got myself an Aztech DECT cordless phone for RM19.00! It was a promotion so I thought I might as well get one since the cordless I had for my room's extension has gone cuckoo for sometime now. Then I thought what the heck.. go and collect my RM625!!!

Went to the postoffice and thats where my nightmare began...

"Encik... yang ni encik tak boleh claim lagi." (My roadtax expire on 13th July 2008 had it renewed last week)

"Encik hanya boleh claim lepas 11hb July."

I said I was stupid because I should have asked before lining up for 1.5hours.

Seriously, they could have made this much easier.. for every qualifying road tax that was renewed, have the postal order/ cheque sent to the owner instead of having one to queue up for hours on end just to get your claims. This government is making things difficult even for you to get back your money!

IRB is another pain in the butt. My wife's assessment for the previous year was that she short paid RM800 in taxes due to her performance bonus... this year however after taking into consideration of current bonusses, she has overpaid her taxes by RM782. So, when we submitted her forms online, we thought well... the repayment should come back... last week got a letter saying they need to "investigate" the matter a little longer and that the taxes cannot be repaid back as of now... WTF! When we underpay, you come hounding us like Ah Long.... now that we want to claim back the freaking IRB esok lusa with you.

My tax is another matter altogether. After filling in the forms, IRB owes me..... RM75.24!!!! The cheque came super fast back to me. I was like... pay my wife's back taxes la... mine, you want to esok lusa.. you can esok lusa....


warrior2 said...

on the tax, i supposed since your account with the IRB has been very clean and good, it is a straightforward case. Your wife may not be as "clean" because got previous 'issues'.

macam bank juga, if you ahve abeen a good customer and have excellent record, they offer to increase your credit but not the other way round.

on the refund, i think there is a postal refund system. problem is make sure the address is correct.
if you want cash, wait till when it is not early or end of the month. gaji time means long Q. And go early when the PO is about to open.

Malaysian Joe said...

errr.. mine is not clean... my wifey's is super clean.

mine is not clean because many many moons ago, i seek to open a file to pay taxes... they say no nid... your pay no nid to pay taxes... then many many moons later.. they serve me with a letter asking me to pay back taxes worth some 2.8k which I disputed till today.

wifey's one... every sen they ask was paid.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, i missed tis post.

Cleff acts dramatically!

IRB: Cleff, we are along from IRB, pay up, pay up you bitch!

Cleff: Noooooo noooooooooooooooo I don't want to PAYYYYYYYYY.... i dun even have enuff money to eattt....NO! I bankrupt liaooooo how to pay u all???