Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Minister fell into a trap....

The Minister is........

Well, let me give you a hint... he was mumbling rubbish while he was Deputy Home Minister in Hardtalk on BBC....

Come on... already the government is back pedalling and here you have one nitwit that comes out and say what they have been stereotyping Anwar... A US SNITCH.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar today branded PKR

de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim as an United States ‘snitch’.

The minister said this in response to a caution from Washington with regards to the fresh sodomy allegation against the opposition stalwart.

"Anwar is a
tukang lapor (snitch) to America. Every time when something happens, he reports to the US," he told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

"I thought he wants to be our country’s leader ... why ask advice from foreign countries?" he added.

If it is not already a fact that Anwar is pretty close to USA as well as the West, here we have a government under seige trying to reinforce the stereotyping of Anwar as a lap dog of USA and the West. It is this relationship that is most critical... even US biggest critic.. Tun Old Man paid millions! Just to have a photo taken of him shaking the hands of Bushie... hippocrite?

Why would Syed Hamid Albar wants to do that? Does he think by saying this he could sway opinions about Anwar based on broad Muslim abhorrence? Syed Hamid is displaying exactly the arrogance that caused the downfall of UMNO and BN. Probably its in them to be arrogant. Which brings to mind another statement made by Liow Tiong Lai, when he said,

“We have told Hishammuddin about our feelings. He has explained his feelings via the newspapers and has apologised. He has to be more sensitive to the feelings of all the people. I think he knows that.

He has to be reminded that the feelings of all the races must be taken into consideration... Umno cannot just think of the Malays when they do anything. No... they have to know the feelings of other races, then we can take a multiracial approach.”

What irked me was he has to be REMINDED! If you are genuine about not being arrogant, there must be a desire to change yourself without being reminded. If you have to be constantly reminded then, you are HARDCORE.

Now back to the topic... Syed Hamid for all he is worth has played nicely into the hands of Anwar... That is what he wanted... to be villified and crucified by the government as he continues to build on the sympathy of the people... seriously whatever the government say or do.. they are already being undermined by their past actions. Nothing except exonerating Anwar from the sodomy case will do justice to the police even if he DID sodomise that Saiful guy. So Syed Hamid, if you think you had done the current administration a favour by labelling him a snitch... instead you have done the current administration a dis-favour. Bravo Syed Hamid...


cleffairy said...

I actually wonder if the sodomy case is real. Maybe someone should have Saiful's ass check, see if his asshole is larger than average. LMAO. This sodomy thing actually irks me. While these Bollywood clowns are acting and dancing, we, the citizens are suffering from deficits. I'm so pissed.

Malaysian Joe said...

sodomy it seems is real. The "doctors" that checked seems to indicate that the arsehole of the arsehole has been "penetrated!" check malaysiakini for the news.

Deng! Keep me on tenterhooks! penetrated by what la???

cleffairy said...

Eh?Really? But then how do we know that Anwar's banana had visited his asshole arh? What if it's those weird thingie that girls wear err...u know, that thing for les to satisfy themselves with... wat if his fiance and him get kinky? OMG, my imagination is so
p0rnish! LMAO... shiets... the way i tok these days are getting dirtier, thanks to what's going on in m'sia these days!

i dun really know how i should comment on these sodomy thingie... cuz if i do, god knows what sort of funny things and profanities that can possibly come out to insult everyone. Cuz to me, all these are nothing but political pillow talks. LOL

warrior2 said...

I think syed is trying to convey the message "hey anwar, no need la to report to your godfather". Its like a person pergi report pada gang leader dia for protection. Syed is telling anwar, be a man and face the accusation.

Many of us forgot that we have 2 person in this case, saiful and anwar. somebody lied. It is a pity that, people have made up thier mind and decided to believe anwar than the other man WHEN the truth is still out there. These people have not been fair to saiful.

It is the same with the petra case. When petra told us about his Sworn Dec, many have decided to believe petra and have decided to crucify rosmah and hubby.

It is like, if it involves govt peronalities, they are already guilty. If it involves opposition or bloggers, they are innocent and a conspiracy is going on.

Hey Cleff, your comments/writings are getting closer and closer to the realm of phorno. hehe

Malaysian Joe said...

warrior, you indeed hit the crux of issue.. as I have said, what brought us to this point whereby we swallow anything against the government hook and sinker and cast a weary look at those in Govt?

Its their own doing. Their past is coming back to haunt them big time. Anything said or done by them cannot be right anymore. Therefore, for them to change the perception something drastic has to be done. They need ppl with integrity and credibility. How? I think I will write my thoughts on that later.

warrior2 said...

My view is that we MUST have people USING thier MIND.It dosent matter what happened before but use our head!

Think before you leap!
Check before you commit!
Be a leader and not a cow!

Just because anwar made a report that the chief of police and the AG hide facts, dosent mean that is the truth and what happened! How did he know this? Somebody told him. how reliable is his source/info?

Same with Petra, he use a source for the SD. How reliabel is his source?

Same with Saiful. He made a police report that anwar screwed him the back way. It has to be investigated.

It is just like a friend of yours telling you that he saw your gf eating with somebody and you beleived him there and then! You dont bother to see your gf and ask her whether she did it and with whom. Instead you see her and give the penampar jepun on the spot. hehe

HOW CAN ANYONE BELIEVE ANY ONE OF THE ABOVE PERSONALITIES without the truth and the facts been laid on the table yet for all to see?

Malaysian Joe said...

Monster, never once I said you were wrong. What I am saying is people's mind have been conditioned as such.

Who seems to be more consistent and credible in the eyes of the rakyat? Najib or RPK? Pa La La or Anwar? Nazri or Guan Eng? Syed Hamid or Khalid?

Many would have given the police and judiciary to carry out the due process IF only it has displayed their credibility in the past. People are judged by their actions. History/ Past provides the guidance.. thats what judiciary calls .. precedence... I dont fault people for jumping into conclusion. People are just that.. impulsive. But can they be faulted?

Answer is NO. I do not fault them for thinking in that manner. I fault the government for their distortion of facts in the past that eroded their credibility to be just. Your analogy of bf/gf is quite like this... you missed the history part..

You know that your gf has been playing behind your back.. but each time you ask her she says no.. but there were real murmurs from people behind you that she has indeed been playing behind your back. And indeed you have seen it that she has been playing behind your back on a few occasions! But she still denied it outright... out of love and compassion you accepted but there is the tipping point... one day your best friend came over to tell you she has been sleeping with some other guy... what would you do?

A. Still do ask her and accept her denial and pretend nothing is wrong and be made to look like a fool in front of her friends?
B. Enough is enough? I do not care of whatever shit that comes out. I cannot believe in you anymore.

cleffairy said...

Okay, okay my say... EVERYONE LIED. Until someone fix the mess in Malaysia, and until we get back on track in economy, development and our image in the eyes of the world restored, I'm going to scream my head off that EVERYONE in Malaysia politics is a LIAR, and we will never know the real truth!

=.= i know. I can't help swearing and stuff...but these stuff i write online is nothing in comparison to my day day job is a novelist, and the genre that i write is u all know where most of my craps come from. :-P

warrior2 said...

I am not saying that you said that I was wrong.

My point is ,one can fool everybody once in a while but one cant fool everybody all the times.

History in general including my own history has thought me that, nothing is absolute. A best friend can still screw us.

When we have had given our penampar jepun to our "possibly" two timing gf, we will find out later that she had been seeing her brother or cousins or her office friends for a normal innocent minum.

Malaysian in general, when they see a woman/man they know sitting down having a meal with another, the first thing they think about is, THAT woman/man ada affair!I pun dulu always have that thought from time to time when i see someone I know sitting down with the opposite sex but I have now managed to train myself not to be a jackas jerk. Isnt it not possible for 2 person to sit down together wihtout somebody thinking that there is nothing there to interpret?.

My woman meets all kind of men all the times.

I have absolute trust! I have no choice unless I want to just keep her in the house or wacht her like a hawk all the times or hire a PI to track her every movement.

If she two time me, she will know the door or i know how to get myself out . vice versa. Thats the principle we hold!

So my moral is, be sure and be certain before you take that next step.

cleffairy said...

*piang* I feel like i just kena penampar....yaya, Cleff is a jealous bitch when it comes to her man!

Malaysian Joe said...

LOL! Hey... lets stop this discussion.. am ma... stunned reading the PI statutory declaration... seems that SD now is the "IN THING" linking Najib to Altantunya murder..

Malaysian Joe said...

Monster.. thats why humans are so colorful.. not 2 people are alike in terms of tolerance as well as trust.

You trust a person because you trust them and vice versa.... :)