Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pak Lah to Resign?

June 2010 is the year stated that he will hand over the country's reins to his deputy...

Apparently he will announce this today.

Now will the music please start for the musical chair participants for UMNO's No. 2 position?

Or will Najib never see the light of day after all the bad news that he is facing right now?

Or is this just another flip-flop by Pak Lah? Resign? Not resigning? Resigning tomorrow?

Will this plan work out or will there be further twists to the saga come December? Will his announcement appease his detractors to nominate him for elections this December? Or will Ku Li, Muhyidin and others stage an upset of sorts? Or will they now play political posturing to gain at the end of the day? Will they go for broke?

I do not think this announcement will end the uncertainty... it will make things even more unpredictable. Especially with the proposed successor embroiled in so much controversy.


Anonymous said...

Let me bet abit here... i dare to say


Who are you kidding? The guy will resign? Please lah, this is from the guy who said

No. I am not getting married.Den, he gets married.

No. I will not dissolve Parliament. Den he dissolves Parliament the very next day.

No. There will be no fuel price increase, den he go and increase it anyway.

And now he said he's going to resign? Aiya, dono which idiot will fall for it lah!

Hawk Tan said...

Hi KevinP,

Honestly, I rather go fly kite myself considering what is happening nowadays.
Can't take it any longer.

p.s. nice blog, my taste